Music Monday: Mr. Vain

Not long ago I went for dinner with an old friend of mine. I met her in high school, where we both admit that we didn’t really like each other off the bat. (I thought she was a know-it-all and she thought I was a big mouth!) In fact, it wasn’t until grade 12 when … More Music Monday: Mr. Vain

90 vs. 21

I am a big believer in celebrating. I love to celebrate my birthday, and when I was younger, I would find any excuse to prolong that celebration. It would be a week-long event.  Weekend to weekend, if possible, was even better. So with my friend’s big 40 on the horizon, I asked her what her … More 90 vs. 21

Only 40

This was weekend was my BFF’s birthday – her big 4-0 birthday. So, to celebrate, she wanted to go to da club! I was nervous about my clothing selection, the fact that I haven’t been to a club in over 10 years and slightly concerned over the fact that I usually go to bed at … More Only 40

Put the money in your bra and go!

The other day, I was chatting with a bunch of girls about where we used to put our money when we went out…you know, in the olden days. Of the ‘90s. Because we didn’t take our purses to ‘da club back then. We didn’t have cell phones to worry about, or even toonies. (The $2 … More Put the money in your bra and go!