Music Monday: Mr. Vain

Not long ago I went for dinner with an old friend of mine. I met her in high school, where we both admit that we didn’t really like each other off the bat. (I thought she was a know-it-all and she thought I was a big mouth!) In fact, it wasn’t until grade 12 when … More Music Monday: Mr. Vain

Missing Nonna A

My due date for my Little Mouse was February 27; however since I opted for another C-section I knew that my date would change. I thought maybe the Doctor would pick Valentine’s Day and I’d have a little cupid on my hands. My fear was she would choose February 11. My grandmother died on February … More Missing Nonna A

Just dance!

Just Dance is one of my Little Bird’s favorite things to do. However, we don’t have a gaming console. She watches the videos of other people’s game on YouTube. At school. She then tells me how to dance to various Katy Perry, One Direction and “Wakka Gang-gum Style” songs (that’s what she calls it). I … More Just dance!