Just dance!

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Just Dance is one of my Little Bird’s favorite things to do. However, we don’t have a gaming console. She watches the videos of other people’s game on YouTube.

At school.

She then tells me how to dance to various Katy Perry, One Direction and “Wakka Gang-gum Style” songs (that’s what she calls it).

I have looked it up a couple times at home, so she could dance and she takes it very serious and follows the moves of those colourful shadows to a tee.

She actually doesn’t understand that it is intended to be a game. She thinks they are videos she can watch, or has asked me to buy.

After telling her that it is only on YouTube, she seems to have left it alone.

And I intend to keep it that way.

They have had exposure to video games at the cottage; however the Little Bird can get pretty frustrated when she can’t do something. Mind you, it was bowling and baseball that we were playing. I’m confident that when it came to dancing, she could keep up, but I really don’t want to bring in video games if I don’t have to.

Both my girls have kid’s tablets (Leap Pad and Vtech InnoTab) and they like playing those, so I’m happy to leave it at that for now.

They also both like playing with kid-friendly apps on the iPad and as they both get more exposure to computers and how to use them; the Little Bird is quick to tell me what to type in Google to find the things she likes.

Yesterday she told me how to do it;

“Mommy, you have to type Katy Perry into Google.”

I just looked at her, sort of surprised she knew what to do.

“In Google. Do you know what Google is, mommy?”

In a bit of disbelieve over her asking me this, I replied, “yes, I know what Google is.”

“Good job, mommy.” And then she walked away.

A short time later she came back asking, “Since you know what Google is, can we type in Katy Perry and see it? And so I can dance?”

How do you say no to that?

So we may not have the official games, but Just Dance is alive and well in our house and I’ll sit back and watch them dance away to their hearts content!

Happy Friday!

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    1. I know. I’m so scared! My older one was trying to talk my parents into getting a computer and said, “I’ll show you, Nonna. It’s easy!” lol

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