What time is it?


We are ramping up to that time of year again when the birthdays get closer and closer until we reach the mecca of birthday months in my family – April!

But first up is the Little Mouse. She’s turning three in a couple of weeks and when asked what theme she wanted for her birthday party, she quickly replied Bubble Guppies.

Don’t know what or who the Bubble Guppies are?

Unless you have kids aged 2-6, and watch Treehouse TV, why would you!

Save yourself! It’s too late for me!

No, in all honesty, it’s a pretty cute show featuring six little guppies on their very colourful underwater adventures as they discover the world. They cover topics on sharing, helping, friendship, health and always include a song and a dance that get the little ones moving.

It’s really cute actually.

I know some parents roll their eyes at the thought of kids’ shows, and while there are ones that I would rather stab my eyeballs than watch, this show is in my top 10 favourite.

The worst kids’ show ever, in my humble opinion is Caillou

What a horrible show. This kid never gets in trouble! I once watched a show with my daughter where this rug rat hit is sister, Rosie, lied to his mother about doing it and didn’t get into any trouble. Even my Little Bird said, at the tender age of 2, “oh mommy, we don’t hit”.

Yeah, Caillou! You don’t hit!

But enough about him.

Barney, Arthur, Franklin (why is he the only character with a name?!), Angelina Ballerina, Chuggington (to me, it’s a rip off of Thomas) are all on my list too.

I have a pretty high tolerance for these shows. I’ve seen more all of the Toopy and Binoo’s probably 20 times over and I still won’t turn it off. They make my kids laugh.

Between GamerBoy (my husband’s middle nephew) and our kids, we’ve probably seen all of the Max and Ruby’s too about a million times each and I still like it.

Others that make my favourite list include Four Square, This is Scarlet and Isaiah (great new casting), Mike the Knight, Peter Rabbit, My Big, Big Friend, The Backyardigans, and believe it or not, The Wiggles. And of course, it goes without saying, the Bubble Guppies. These shows are the ones my kids love. They have music and colours that hold their interest. They teach poetry, rhyme, and music and are full of adventure and lessons.

And that’s just on Treehouse TV. There are some others on Disney Jr. that they love too. And last year’s birthday was a Minnie Mouse theme, as the Little Mouse, loved Minnie.

So this year, I scrambled around finding Bubble Guppie paraphernalia for the Little Mouse’s birthday, only to find that there wasn’t a lot of it in existence. She’s ahead of the curve, so I had to order the plates/cups/table cloths online and I’m getting a custom cake made for her.

I know I created the expectation around a theme for a birthday party for my kids, making sure that everything was touched by the theme, but they love it. And while the plates and cups go in the garbage at the end of the day, they’ll be able to see that there really is some effort that mommy and daddy put into their special day, making sure they had what they wanted and made them happy.

And I’ll continue to do it every year, for as long as they let me!


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