Tuned in and zoned out

My youngest daughter is one focused Little Mouse. I have seen her remove herself from a situation she doesn’t want to be in and play alone, or read a book or play with Lego. I love watching her, because when she does something, she does it 100%. She will even stick her tongue out, as … More Tuned in and zoned out

The toy carnage

At any given time, in any home where small humans reside, there are toys. Lots and lots of toys. And in my house, they mostly have to do with princesses and ponies, dollies, books, costumes and more. Also at any given time, will there be leftovers. The remains of moments of play, sometimes fleeting, sometimes … More The toy carnage

The Mouse is 3!

Happy birthday to our Little Mouse! She turns three today and is celebrating with a party at the daycare with her friends, followed by an intimate party tonight at home and closing the week with the grand finale of parties that includes the whole family, and friends on Sunday. I know it sounds cheesy to … More The Mouse is 3!

What time is it?

We are ramping up to that time of year again when the birthdays get closer and closer until we reach the mecca of birthday months in my family – April! But first up is the Little Mouse. She’s turning three in a couple of weeks and when asked what theme she wanted for her birthday … More What time is it?