The Mouse is 3!


Happy birthday to our Little Mouse!

She turns three today and is celebrating with a party at the daycare with her friends, followed by an intimate party tonight at home and closing the week with the grand finale of parties that includes the whole family, and friends on Sunday.

I know it sounds cheesy to say, but time has flown and I don’t know where the last three years went.

My sweet Little Mouse, you have grown into an amazing little girl who will give everyone you meet a run for their money.

You know how to hold your own, express yourself and go for what you want. You love to dance, sing and recently started biting your nails, just like your older sister. This drives mommy crazy, just for the record.

A few of your favourite things include anything purple, Bubble Guppies, snuggly friends, Barbie’s, Lego and books. Although it drives her crazy, I love seeing how you follow your sister around and try to do the things you do. Although you butt heads once in a while, there are moments when you both play together, and all you hear are giggles and laughter, and it warms our hearts!

A few of your favourite foods are rice, pasta, pizza and anything “choco-lick”.

You are excited to move into your new room and are making progress in the potty department.

You move at your own pace, won’t do anything you don’t want to do and laugh with your whole self! You express yourself clearly, love to give hugs and kisses and aren’t afraid to use your charm to get what you want.

You are our sweet little skunkaroo, and I hope you always have [a little of] that spunk that makes you unique.

Mommy and daddy and the Little Bird love you lots and wish you a very, very happy birthday!


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