Music Monday: America

Last week’s post about Disney’s Descendants 2 had me thinking about musicals. Are you a fan of musicals? I am. In fact, some of my fondest memories are sitting around the TV with my parents watching them. As a child, The Wizard of Oz was probably one of my favourites. I loved every glorious minute … More Music Monday: America


Watching a video to a song you like is hit or miss. Sometimes it could turn out to be a great video, more than you expected from a song you found decent. And sometimes it could totally turn you off of a song. In today’s case, I was surprised to see Ed Sheeran’s video for … More Sing!

The Mouse is 3!

Happy birthday to our Little Mouse! She turns three today and is celebrating with a party at the daycare with her friends, followed by an intimate party tonight at home and closing the week with the grand finale of parties that includes the whole family, and friends on Sunday. I know it sounds cheesy to … More The Mouse is 3!

Hands up!

It’s already Wednesday! And what a week it’s been already. My Little Mouse had an infection, I was in all day training yesterday and I was feeling rushed and behind as I was trying to make my way into work early this morning, to catch up on a few things, before heading into another full … More Hands up!