Grieving my father’s death and why I’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

Time is a funny thing. We often wish it way, waiting for the days to pass until we can enjoy the weekend, or hoping weeks fly so we can get to our vacation. But then when somebody close to you dies, we just wish for that time back. … More Grieving my father’s death and why I’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

RIP 2016 & goodbye George

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying that feeling of having the fresh start of a new year. It’s a clean state. Anything can happen. I mean, 2016 was exciting. I started a new job, tested my limits and creativity with dinner, and even started reading again. But I would be remiss if I … More RIP 2016 & goodbye George

Surrounded by rainbows

  Sometimes there are people you cross paths with in life, and while the meeting is brief, it is impactful. And when you lose that person, it leaves an imprint on your soul. Irene was one of these people. She is the mother of a friend and old roommate of mine, who I’ll refer to … More Surrounded by rainbows

Missing Nonna A

My due date for my Little Mouse was February 27; however since I opted for another C-section I knew that my date would change. I thought maybe the Doctor would pick Valentine’s Day and I’d have a little cupid on my hands. My fear was she would choose February 11. My grandmother died on February … More Missing Nonna A