Surrounded by rainbows


Sometimes there are people you cross paths with in life, and while the meeting is brief, it is impactful.

And when you lose that person, it leaves an imprint on your soul.

Irene was one of these people.

She is the mother of a friend and old roommate of mine, who I’ll refer to as MpK. I met Irene after we moved in together, and she was always such a happy woman. So young, I thought, to be the mother of three kids.

Typical of most European mothers, she seemed to worry about all three of us girls, often calling to make sure we ate, locked the door to the house and turned off the stove.

MpK decided she was moving to London, England shortly after we all moved in and after she left, I remember getting a phone call from Irene. I found it strange that she was calling, and wondered for a fleeting second, if she dialed the wrong number, instead of her daughter’s new number overseas.

When I answered, I remember her greeting me with such happiness. She wanted to check in on us, make sure we were okay. Make sure we ate, that we were okay and that we turned off the stove.

I assured her I turned off the stove, and the iron (which I didn’t own), and she seemed happy with that.

Over the next few months, she called every few weeks to see how we were.

I loved that about her. We were just some crazy girls who were her daughter’s friends and roommates, and she still had the thoughtfulness to call and check in.

To me, she was like a rainbow; not expected, but always put a smile on my face when she showed up. Even on the phone.

Last Thursday night I received the saddest text from MpK that Irene passed away. Her message said, “She fought a good fight and now she is at peace. God bless.”

Although I hadn’t seen her in years, I felt compelled to go. Not only did I have to give my friend a hug, and pay my last respects to such a wonderful lady, but I had to tell her that I turned off the stove.

Somehow I think she would have been happy to hear that.

God bless you, Irene. And God bless the family you leave behind. I hope they never forget your love, your thoughtfulness and your smile. May you find peace where you are, and be surrounded by rainbows.


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