No place I’d rather be…

I just celebrated my ninth-year anniversary with my husband.

I don’t know where the time went, or how we got here, but it’s definitely gone by quicker than I imagined. I’m so proud of where we are and how we got there, together. I love our family and life.

Oh, I think I’m allergic to my wedding bands!

Up until a couple of months ago, all was good. Then suddenly my finger is itchy and it feels very uncomfortable to wear my rings.

So I remove my engagement ring, and stick to only my wedding band. It feels and looks weird, and I miss my other ring, but the itchiness stops. Now my finger is red all the time. I joked with my mother-in-law that I need a new ring. Maybe this one is meant self-destruct at the 10 year mark, and it’s starting to send me warning signs!

My ring finger is rejecting my wedding band. Here’s the proof!


The truth is I think I need to lose some weight. My fingers (among other things) are bigger than they were 9 years ago.

And in the meantime, while I find the perfect diet to slim down my fingers, if my husband would like to get me a new ring, I won’t object!

In all seriousness, I love that we are at the 9 year mark and we have a beautiful family. I’d be lying if I said it was an easy road, because it’s not all roses and gumdrops. But we push through it together, and I love him. He supports me in all the things I want to do, like write this blog and go to school again. He’s an amazing father and our girls adore him.

I love you, D. Forever and always.

And there is no place I’d rather be, than with you! Today’s Music Monday pic is Rather Be by Clean Bandit, featuring Jess Glynne. A song the whole family loves.

P.S. This is a nice ring…which I’m sure I’m not allergic to!

Tiffany band
This sparkler is sure to fit right! And it matches everything.


Video: Rather Be by Clean Bandit, feat. Jess Glynne


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