Lights out this Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! It’s always such a fun time of year and yes, I try to dress up. This year I’m the Queen of Hearts.  And while my girls have pointed out that she’s a mean Queen, I figured there is only room for two princesses in our house.

And those two are (of course) Disney’s Frozen princess: Ana and Elsa.

We went to an early Halloween haunt at the Little Bird’s karate school. They went all out, creating a maze that we walked through and around, with the lights on, of course. The Little Mouse didn’t care for it.

I sounded like a broken record saying “That’s a fake head. That’s a plastic rat. Don’t worry; it’s not a real leg.” Yet, somehow she still didn’t like it much.

The Little Bird however made me take her through again!

There were three Ana’s, in the span of a half hour last Saturday morning. I can just imagine how many Elsa’s will be at the Little Bird’s school today. I’ll stick to my evil Queen, turn my lights off tonight and go trick or treating with my kids.

Yes, I said turn off my lights.

I am usually not home on Halloween. Growing up, I lived in a condo, so we were not allowed to go door-to-door. It was also my aunt and grandfather’s birthday, so we would go to their house and celebrate. When we moved into a house, and I was too old to go trick or treating, there were a few years where I would decorate the house and hand out candy. There were times when the little kids would be too scared to come up to the door.

I was that crazy house!

Eventually, I got older and started to go out to bars and clubs for Halloween parties, so my parents stopped staying home and would go celebrate my aunt’s birthday; which meant no lights on at our house.

After getting my own house, I decided to keep the lights on, decorate and bought lots of candy. There is a school in our subdivision which meant there had to be lots of kids, right?

D stayed home to hand out candy while I took our Little Bird to a couple of houses for some treats. When I got home, D said that he had maybe 10 kids (including us when we tried to surprise daddy). The problem wasn’t my decorations this time; it was the location of my house!

We live in a line of about 12 houses, and have no houses on the other side of the street. While it is one of the main streets into my subdivision, nobody walks down it to hit those few houses on Halloween. Instead, they can stick to the longer streets which more houses.

More houses = more candy.

That’s basic Halloween trick or treat math, right there!

To top it off, only three of us leave the lights on, two houses on one end, and us on the other. The following year, I didn’t buy any candy to hand out and we went out all together. Since then, I’m sort of selfishly happy about that. We leave the lights off, go trick or treating as a family and D and I just eat the kids’ candy.

Somebody’s gotta do it!

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


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