Snakes and snails and a new nephew!

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Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails…that’s definitely what little boys are made of!

I am so excited to announce the birth of my new nephew.

He is my little brother’s second son, and now my official fifth nephew. That’s right, five. All boys. I’m the only one with girls.

On D’s side, there is Sleepy (23), GamerBoy (10) and the Paxter (5) and now on my side there is FiremanSam (3) and Red (2 days old). I hope they don’t mind their nicknames, because it plays off what they like and what they do. I guess time will tell. For now, none of them read this space, and really, it’s my space…I can choose whatever names I see fit!

At the time of writing this post, Red was nameless, but for the purposes of my blog, that doesn’t matter.

I love being the aunt to 5 boys. They are all so different too. Each has a different demeanor and behaviour, but they are all great boys. And they have a big impact on our girls. The Little Bird and Little Mouse love all their cousins a lot. They especially love to play and laugh with them every time they hang out.

So congrats R&D and thank you for my new nephew! I can’t wait to meet him tonight and squeeze his delicious cheeks!


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