Missing Eileen



Today is the birthday of a dear friend. A friend who I met long ago, when I took a writing course. We bonded over words and cigarettes.

We came together, bringing the writing group I had together with the writing group she had into a group of people that still stay in touch.

We emailed every day. She could make me cry laughing with her words. And always signed her emails with; Best, Eileen, sparking from a joke we shared.

She booked my honeymoon vacation, as she moonlighted as a travel agent by day – her true dream to be published. She then rebooked my honeymoon after it was cancelled because of a hurricane.

She used her stove to store books, and was the first to admit that she hated cooking.

She became my friend, not just an acquaintance from class, or a smoking buddy on break. She became my husband’s friend too.

She never got to meet my kids. And I could cry because of that. Her picture remains on my mantle at home, and watches over my kids while they play.

Today is her birthday.

And it is also Remembrance Day.

It’s been 5 years since she died.

On the day of her wake, her good friend started talking to me about how life was with a new baby, when she suddenly realized that Elaine had a gift for the Little Bird in her apartment. She went upstairs to give it to me and I bawled my eyes out.

I had spoken to her about a month before she died, and we said that when she felt better, we would get together so she could meet my little one, who was about 8 months old. We never got that chance, yet she bought the cutest outfit for her; coral coloured pants, matching top and sweater.

I still have that outfit.

After her passing, her friend had her book edited and published. Hunting for Poison available on Kobo for free. It’s a great read…download it!

My heart hurts that she never saw her book published; that she never met my kids and most importantly that she isn’t here to send emails to, hang out with and laugh. She would be proud of me that I am writing again, and I think would get a kick out of this blog.

I miss you, Eileen! Happy Birthday!




5 thoughts on “Missing Eileen

  1. I miss her too. We were fortunate to have Elaine spend Christmas with us and pictures of her pop up on my electronic frame every now and then. I smile, tell her I miss her, and wish we’d all had more time together. And you’re right, she would enjoy your blog.

    1. Thank you Lynda. That means a lot.
      I do the same thing sometimes and smile at her pic and tell her I miss her. We definitely didn’t have enough time with her.

  2. Elaine was a terrific person. I still miss her Monday Morning Madness emails. I remember staring at the last one for a long time, trying to come to grips with the idea that there would be no more. As you say, it’s a shame she did not live to see her work published, but the passion she devoted to it lives on in the words it’s our privilege to read, and in the smiles we are fortunate enough to remember.

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