Music Monday: Glorious

I haven’t posted a Music Monday post in a long time. I think I lost my way on these posts, and got caught up in new music without it really having a tie to my life. I started sharing my favourite music because I truly believe music weaves through memories and moments. A friend shared … More Music Monday: Glorious

Missing Nonna A

My due date for my Little Mouse was February 27; however since I opted for another C-section I knew that my date would change. I thought maybe the Doctor would pick Valentine’s Day and I’d have a little cupid on my hands. My fear was she would choose February 11. My grandmother died on February … More Missing Nonna A

Happy Birthday, Nonna!

Abuela, Vovo, Nani, Dhadi, Lola, Oma, Nenek, Nanny, Yaya, Bubbe, NaiNai, Grandma or, in my case, Nonna. Whatever you call your grandmother, it surely means love. Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 92. She was a mother of five, Nonna to six and great grandmother to two, at the time of her … More Happy Birthday, Nonna!

A Song For Mama

I’ve been in a sappy mood lately. I’m not sure if it’s the stress I feel from the various things going on in my work and home life, or what, but the need for me to reminisce about the old days, or memories are what’s keeping me grounded. And a good cry now and then, … More A Song For Mama