The other day my husband pointed out a phone booth; a rare sight, nowadays. The Little Bird asked what it was, and D explained that there was a time when not everyone had a cell phone, or that even there was a time where those didn’t exist. After the shock and awe of such a … More #socialmom

Eye talk

  When I was little, my parents would speak Italian to each other when they didn’t want us to understand what they were saying. However, after spending entire summers at my grandparents’ house, I began to understand Italian, and soon their secrets were revealed. D and I don’t speak Italian to each other, so instead … More Eye talk

Monkey see, monkey do

Or rather, should I say, Little Mouse see, Little Mouse do? My husband and I love it when we have the opportunity to say “I wonder where she got that from” statements at each other. Especially when they refer to the less than desirable habits that each of us have, that the kids picked up. … More Monkey see, monkey do

An honest look at my reflection

As I sprayed the mirror with Windex, I couldn’t make eye contact, but as I wiped the mirror clean, I couldn’t help but look myself in the eye. There I was. I’m normally a pretty confident person. While I’d like to consider myself a curvy girl, I’m happy with who I am and the choices … More An honest look at my reflection

My journey

The day I started this blog, I was crying, as I had just dropped off my little girl for her first day of Junior Kindergarten. I had wanted to start a blog for a while, but I was afraid. Afraid I wasn’t going to have anything to say, afraid nobody would care, or worse, nobody … More My journey