My journey


The day I started this blog, I was crying, as I had just dropped off my little girl for her first day of Junior Kindergarten. I had wanted to start a blog for a while, but I was afraid. Afraid I wasn’t going to have anything to say, afraid nobody would care, or worse, nobody would read it. But I was so overwhelmed with emotion that day that I had to get it out. I sat down, started a WordPress account, and wrote. When I pressed publish, I was a bit hesitant, but I felt better.

I wrote a few more posts following that, but I didn’t share it, or link it any social media, so really, nobody knew about it. After five months of dipping my toe in the pool, I decided it was time jump in. I purchased my domain name, linked it to Twitter and Facebook and after writing a post about my sister-in-law’s gorgeous handmade hats, I sat there. The PUBLISH button was screaming at me to press it. But I knew, now, everyone would see it. What were people going to say? Would they like it? Would they hate it? Would they read it?

Finally, I literally closed my eyes and pressed publish.

And I haven’t looked back since.


I may be a newbie at blogging, but it’s the writing that I’ve longed for. As a young girl I often came up with elaborate stories and scenarios, and my parents patiently listened. I eventually started writing them down. I have notebooks with half written stories that date back to elementary school. In high school, I wrote two part series and would let my friends read it chapter-by-chapter. I loved how they reacted, and I could see instantly if my plot was working for me.

My parents were always so supportive of my creative process and were always encouraging me to write. So once high school was over, I chose to study Journalism in college. I struggled with the difference between creative writing and the fact-based news style of writing, so unfortunately I had to make a choice and my stories went away.

But I think any writer will tell you, stories never really go away. There was always something bouncing around in my head. Always something nudging at me to pick up a pen…or rather, sit at a keyboard, since the times had changed. I think it was Nora Ephron who said “The hardest thing about writing is writing.” And it’s true.

So in 1999, I signed up for a Crafting a Novel course at Sheridan College. Not only did I write a book, but I met many people who had a love for writing like I did. Many of those people I am happy to say I am still friends with today. Some have been published, and some are still plugging away.

My friend Graham gave me some great advice when I started writing my blog. Go check him out at Graham’s Crackers. I always love his honesty, writing advice and opinions. So I asked him about a gazillion questions, and he answered each of them, putting my fear at ease. The advice that sticks with me the most is when he said “The Internet is forever and my rule of thumb is don’t put anything online you wouldn’t be comfortable carving in cement on your front porch.” So that’s how I came up with my little nuances for my blog; the reason I call my kids the Little Bird and the Little Mouse and the reason why I make a conscious decision not to post their pictures.

Since starting my blog, I’ve been lucky to get some opportunities to write for CAA Life-side Connections and Vaughan Moms. I’m honestly happy to be writing again. I feel blessed. This is what makes me happy. Being able to tell stories, in my own voice, and in my own way, makes me smile.

While I am far removed from my days as a sports reporter, I will always hold a connection to that time. Those skills are never lost, and I believe they will always help me, in my day job and with my blog. The book I wrote 14 years ago is in a box in my basement. For a while, this box appears in my thoughts and I know that I am going to take it out and dust it off. I am a little afraid to revisit it, out of fear that maybe it wasn’t as good as I thought. I’ll be sure to write about it when I get the courage to actually take it out of the closet.

I have a little notebook where I keep ideas. Whenever I get one, which usually happens before bed, I write it down, or it will be lost. It could be for a blog post, or a story. For the last little while, I’ve had an idea for a book that has been itching to get out. It may be time to write it.

Until I do, I’ll keep writing about my kids’ adventures, the follies of parenthood, the music I love and the things that make me happy, sad and otherwise.


Thanks for coming along on my journey and reading my little space in the blogosphere. I can’t believe this is my 60th post and I am grateful to the opportunities I’ve received, the people I’ve met in my journey and look forward to finding out where this path will lead me.

Have an amazing weekend!

3 responses to “My journey”

  1. Happy I was able to help give you a little nudge! You’re doing great and I’m thrilled for the new opportunities that have opened up for you. It only gets better from here!


  2. Loved this post Tania! I can relate to exactly what your saying. I want to start blogging myself, but I’m a little scared after reading your post I may finally have the courage to do it!
    I highly encourage you to dig out that novel and bring it back to life, I’m sure the world would love to see it! 😃
    Happy blogging! I enjoy reading your posts.


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