Share and share alike

Share and share alike

Growing up, my brother and I fought. A lot! I’m sure we drove our parents crazy with our antics. We are three years apart, and fought for any and every reason. But I thought it had to be because we were a boy and a girl. We got in a lot of trouble for fighting, but it continued. Luckily we have gotten past it and are pals now.

My kids don’t fight. Well not really, but they do have a problem with sharing. Whatever one has, the other usually wants. Of course, it isn’t until the moment one has something that the other wants it at the same time. We try to talk to them about taking turns. We’ve taken toys away and tried to teach them lessons.

And every once in a while, my husband and I will hear a great interaction between them, with my five year old Little Bird taking the role of mommy.

Little Bird: “What do you need, honey?”

Little Mouse: “I want Ariel

Little Bird: “Okay, here you go.”

Little Mouse: “What do you want to have?”

Little Bird: “Can I please have Rapunzel?

Little Mouse: “Okay.”

And my heart swells.

Unfortunately this Leave it to Beaver moment doesn’t happen too often, but I love when it does.

I’ve been warned that the bond between sisters can range from tumultuous to unbreakable. I’ll settle for something in the middle.

How do you teach your kids to share?

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