I’m bored

Last week, here in Ontario, the kids were on March Break. That meant every activity you can think of was packed to the rafters with parents and kids, trying to keep their kids busy for the week. I didn’t take any time off this year, and because I am able to work from home a … More I’m bored

The toy carnage

At any given time, in any home where small humans reside, there are toys. Lots and lots of toys. And in my house, they mostly have to do with princesses and ponies, dollies, books, costumes and more. Also at any given time, will there be leftovers. The remains of moments of play, sometimes fleeting, sometimes … More The toy carnage

Share and share alike

Share and share alike Growing up, my brother and I fought. A lot! I’m sure we drove our parents crazy with our antics. We are three years apart, and fought for any and every reason. But I thought it had to be because we were a boy and a girl. We got in a lot … More Share and share alike