High five!

As I sit here and look back on the past five years, I can honestly say it’s been a good journey. Starting this blog is high on my list of accomplishments, and keeping it up (albeit with a few breaks here and there) is something I am so proud of. This blog is not only … More High five!

Share and share alike

Share and share alike Growing up, my brother and I fought. A lot! I’m sure we drove our parents crazy with our antics. We are three years apart, and fought for any and every reason. But I thought it had to be because we were a boy and a girl. We got in a lot … More Share and share alike


So we have officially ended the week-long celebration for my two-year-old, and that also included Valentines Day celebrations, both at home and daycare/school. Basically that means that my kids have had some form of sugar each and every day this week. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Monday was her actual birthday = mommy’s home baked cake … More Detoxing