So we have officially ended the week-long celebration for my two-year-old, and that also included Valentines Day celebrations, both at home and daycare/school. Basically that means that my kids have had some form of sugar each and every day this week. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Monday was her actual birthday = mommy’s home baked cake
2. Tuesday was left over cake
3. Wednesday was her party at the daycare = more cake, this time the frozen kind that the kids love
4. Thursday was Valentines day fun for all = CHOCOLATE!
5. Friday they had some chocolate from their goodie bags
6. Saturday could possibly be the only day they didn’t have cake or chocolate this week
7. Sunday was the mouse’s birthday party and you guessed it = cake!

So here we are on Family day having fun with her presents, listening and dancing to music and trying my hardest to detox them from the sugar high they’ve been subjected to for the whole week. All the cake is gone, and I’ve put the loot bags away, so out of sight, out of mind, I hope.

In the end, I know they’ve had a great week, especially the little mouse. Out little bird just needs to learn that the birthday girl’s toys aren’t all hers. I guess this is a common problem with anyone with more than one child, and their ego-centric minds don’t understand that it’s not all about them, even when someone else’s name is on the cake.

I did my best to help ease it, by giving her a loot bag, perhaps a little more extravagant than the average loot bag I gave out, but I thought it would distract her. It didn’t. I know that the exact same issue is going to come up in April, when the little bird turns 5 and her sister tries to help her open her presents. We will see meltdowns in epic proportions. But I still hold out hope that she’ll let her help.

The realist inside of me says to dream-on. My soon-to-be 5-year old is pretty set in her ways, and is currently walking around decked out in half of her sister’s Minnie Mouse jewellery and playing with her new presents like they are hers, but something tells me she won’t remember this in two more months.

I’m happy that the little one seems to be pretty easy going and doesn’t seem to mind sharing with her big sister. She even let her help open the presents. She gave her some of her toys to play with and hasn’t really asked for them back. Maybe it’s because she’s used to sharing. Maybe it has something to do with their birth order, and the older one is still getting used to the idea of sharing, but we think she should be getting it now, especially since its been two years since she gained a sister, and 5 months since she’s been in school and should be sharing. However, I’m sure sharing with strangers is easier to come by then sharing with your sister.

I only have a brother, so maybe that’s easier, since neither of us were really that interested in the other’s goods and wares. I’m sure my parents have more than a handful of stories to the contrary, but as I recall, I had my stuff and he had his. I suppose two girls are a different story, which I’m going to have to learn as I go.

There are moments, short, but good ones where they seem to be playing together. They love to sit on opposite sides of the little house and knock on the door and play with the mommy and daddy, passing them from the doors and over the roof, laughing Together. It makes my heart explode with love. It’s beautiful. They will both dress up, the big one helping the little one, and come stomping down the the hall with their princess slippers just to show us how nice they look. And lately, they will dance around singing songs from the Ice Age or Madagascar movies, starting out by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, introducing the great dancing sisters…” My husband and I laugh and clap along and they breakout in various songs. They’re so cute.

So the times of sharing and friendship are just beginning. They are developing and nothing makes me prouder. I hope they happen more often. In the meantime, I plan on breathing deep, trying to keep my patience, reminding them both to share. Oh yeah, and lay off the sugar!

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