Dreaming of the BIG reveal

My husband and I bought our house when I was pregnant with our little bird. It was pretty outdated and in need of some updating. We are the third owner of this 30+ year old house, in a small little subdivision, north of the city. The previous owners had spent a bit of money on the kitchen, but we felt it wasn’t the best use of space, and it wasn’t to our taste. The bathrooms all had floor-to-ceiling tiles, in your choice of colour; green, blue or pink! (Yes, even the tub and toilets were coloured).
At the time we were luckily living with my in-laws and we were able to take our time with fixing up the place. We redid the floors (hardwood and tile), the kitchen, bathrooms, backyard, driveway and most of the basement. We were even able to retro-fit the existing kitchen that was upstairs, into the basement, so nothing went to waste. Essentially the only thing left to fix is the bathroom in the basement, the cold room and the laundry “room”.
I use the term laundry “room” loosely, as it’s more like a laundry “space” at the bottom of my stairs. It has no sink/tub and no room for anything. Our grand plan is to steal some space from the bathroom beside it in order to make room for a laundry tub.
And here is where I wish Candice Olson, Sarah Richardson, Bryan Baeumler, the Property Brothers, Jonathon and Drew Scott, Hilary Farr from Love it or List it (I’d love it, of course) or Scott Mcgillivray would show up at my house and do it for me. Actually anyone from HGTV or the W Network is invited. Really, I’m not picky. I have countless dream images on Pinterest that would make anyone drool. If only…
I’ve tried too. I applied for a new show on HGTV a couple of years ago and I even got a reply, but I was outside the GTA, so they wouldn’t come. I’ve applied to some other shows too. I guess what surprised me the most about some of the applications is that they provide minimum budgets in order to even qualify for consideration. But hey, my husband and I would be paying for these things to get done anyway, so I’m willing to show my bank book if it means I get one of these great designers in my house!
Is it wrong to want to leave your house to a cast and crew of strangers, hand over a substantial amount of money and then leave the house for 2+ weeks without knowing what they’re doing? No. I think it’s totally reasonable to be able to experience that reveal moment. I dream to hear the words “Here’s your new laundry room”.
I do know some people who have been on these shows, and it’s not always so glamorous. They do require ample parking space, the right to take over your home, sometimes ask you not to return for hours, or even days. They have casts and crew that trample through your house, and of course you have to sign a waiver that you’re not responsible for any damage. I even know of a couple who were on a show and they staged the house for the reveal and then removed everything afterwards, including ripping down stapled window shears. Yes, stapled to the wall. So I’m sure it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. These people have a job, with a short time to turnaround, as production costs are always high, but again, I think it’s worth it. Really you get something fixed, or changed or updated…
But alas, no interests in my projects. So that just means we’ll have to figure out how to get it done. Maybe it’s best this way. I would just end up with a dream laundry room and it would make the rest of my house look bad, right?!
Final note:
Dear HGTV or W Network,
If you are ever looking for a new project, I will offer up my bathroom or laundry room my whole house anytime. For any reno. Honest. Take whichever room you want. Please!?!

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