The mouse turns 2!

Where have the last two years gone? I’m sure all parents ask themselves this at least once a year, when their little ones’ birthdays roll around. And I am no exception. Today our little mouse turns two. She has changed so much this year and while I don’t look forward to the famous “terrible twos”, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she is an exception like our little bird, who waited until her threes to be terrible. Wait. That sounded wrong. I don’t want any terrible year, but I know it will happen. So maybe it’s best to get it over with?? Here’s to hoping she isn’t terrible at all. She’s usually a happy-go-lucky, easy-going and smiley little girl, who likes dancing and babies and following her big sister around. She wishes everyone a good night and sweet dreams and kisses all her stuffed friends every morning.

I can’t imagine our lives without her. She is the complete and utter opposite of her sister. While our little bird is neat and tidy, organized and sensitive, our little mouse is a little wilder. She isn’t too keen on picking up her toys, or cleaning up. She’s perfectly happy whipping her toys across the room, ripping her bib off after a meal and tossing it on the floor and would get away with eating nothing but chocolate, if I let her. Aside from that though, she is sweet, chatty and loving. I love how she follows her sister around, wanting to do everything she does. Wanting to watch movies with her, including Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4, both of which she asks for by name. She love music, and will dance to just about anything, the opening theme song to a show, music on the radio or a toy that plays a bit of music.

B.I.N.G-GO. Sang just like that, is one of her favs. As is “Move it, move it” from Madagascar. She’s a joker and a little skunk.

I know she doesn’t realize what it means to have a birthday, except for the fact that she gets to have chocolate cake, but I wish her nothing but sweet happiness. Mommy and daddy love you a lot, as does your big sister. Happy birthday baby!

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