5 Birthday Chirps for the Little Bird

Five years ago today, I was lying nervously in a hospital bed, my husband silent and a bit stunned, beside me. We were about to become parents. We were just waiting for the doctor to arrive. The c-section was scheduled, and we were ready. Sort of. You were born at 11:28 a.m., weighing in at … More 5 Birthday Chirps for the Little Bird

Piece of Cake!

Spring is upon us…well sort of. But things are looking promising; the sun is shining, the days are brighter and my wallet is doomed to take a beating! Besides the dreaded spring clean that will take place, Spring is the undisputed busiest time for birthdays in my family. It started last Friday and I have … More Piece of Cake!


So we have officially ended the week-long celebration for my two-year-old, and that also included Valentines Day celebrations, both at home and daycare/school. Basically that means that my kids have had some form of sugar each and every day this week. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Monday was her actual birthday = mommy’s home baked cake … More Detoxing