Piece of Cake!

Spring is upon us…well sort of. But things are looking promising; the sun is shining, the days are brighter and my wallet is doomed to take a beating!

Besides the dreaded spring clean that will take place, Spring is the undisputed busiest time for birthdays in my family. It started last Friday and I have two more birthdays to go in March. Once we hit April, I have six more in April. That borders on almost two per week! We go from indoor playground to indoor playground, sometimes a restaurant here and there. And when you throw in the Good Friday and Easter festivities and it means we eat a lot of cake. We are pretty much eating all kinds of food for a whole month and a half.

By the time my Mother’s Day rolls around, I’m done.

I guess the upside is that there are a lot of days where I don’t actually have to cook, and so I suppose I should take the victories where I can get them. The bad side is all the cake does nothing for my waistline. And I know, you’re thinking I should pass on a few, however the birthdays I’m referring to are mine, my daughter’s, my nephew’s, my dad’s and my uncle’s (not in that order). So how can you pass up on cake for those very important people in your life?!

It is true though that the pieces get smaller as we move through the month. But I can’t just NOT have a piece.

And as much as I complain, I love to celebrate birthdays…mine or otherwise. Although I still have over a month to go for our bird’s 5th birthday, I’m knee deep in planning. I’ve scoped out the cakes, a very important part of the party as she’s requested a specific theme. But I found a place that makes them. I’ve found a site to order the plates/cups/etc. for the party, as that theme isn’t available in stores, why would it be so easy!?. We’ve bought all the loot bag goodies and I have the invitations all ready to go!

This is her first party with school friends, and it’s taken some convincing that while she may think she wants her whole class to attend, perhaps it’s best to limit it. Four girls and five boys was the compromise. Add three nephews, a cousin, a friend and my two; we’ve tipped the scales at 16 kids this year.

May the birthday planning Gods be with me.

We will be celebrating a first birthday this weekend, which is always fun. Too bad the one year old never remembers anything. We will be squeezing in a birthday in between Good Friday and Easter. And then the ball starts to roll on April. The key to being able to handle these festivities is to be organized, shop the sales and keep a list. Gift for the two aforementioned birthdays are wrapped, if not half way there, and have been for a while.

Now I just have about nine days to find some time to prepare some Easter baskets…piece of cake!

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