5 Birthday Chirps for the Little Bird


Five years ago today, I was lying nervously in a hospital bed, my husband silent and a bit stunned, beside me. We were about to become parents. We were just waiting for the doctor to arrive. The c-section was scheduled, and we were ready. Sort of.

You were born at 11:28 a.m., weighing in at 7lbs, 6 oz. and had a FULL head of hair (which was the source of my serious and continuous heartburn).

Our lives changed forever!

In the last five years, you have grown into quite a little girl and you make us proud every single day!

We wish nothing but happiness for you today, and always. May you always do well in school, be nice to your sister, be kind to others and love the world. Oh, and may you always be as neat and organized as you are. (But perhaps a little less grumpy in the morning, if it’s not too much to ask!?)

So this morning, I decided to ask you how you felt about turning five. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: “Happy Birthday!”

Little Bird: “Can I see my cake?”

Me: “Let’s get ready for school, and then we can. So, are you happy to celebrate your birthday at school?”

Little Bird: “Yes. When it’s your birthday at school, you get a crown for your birthday and you get to pick whatever colour you want. I asked for pink.”

Me: “Shocking. So, what are you most excited about?”

Little Bird: “Going to a play-place for my party. And getting to wear the skirt Nonna bought me.”

Me: “Do you feel different now that you are five years old?”

Little Bird: “Yes. It feels good to be five. I don’t need mommy’s help anymore. I like to be bigger and solve problems by myself. And now I can help [Little Mouse] without Mommy and Daddy’s help.”

Me: {SOB}

So this was our exchange this morning while we got ready for school. She is very matter-of-fact in her opinions and statements. That’s it, she’s really a big girl now and doesn’t need me. So after I wiped away my tears, (and wrote it all down) we went downstairs for her to see the cake I iced at 10 o’clock last night. And her sister brought her a card and princess magazine she wanted.

 Tonight, we’ll celebrate with food and the above cake…oh and presents too.

Happy Birthday, Little Bird! Mommy and Daddy love you lots!


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