One traditional sandwich with a size of fries, please!

Do you ever consider all the roles you play in life? If you have kids, you’re a mom, a taxi driver, a referee, a tutor, a pillow, a cook, a nurse and therapist; among other things. My girls are six and nine years old, so that pretty much sums up the hats I wear on … More One traditional sandwich with a size of fries, please!

Wonder: Book Review

  I’ve more than dipped my toe into Young Adult fiction lately and I’m realizing that my initial hesitation was that it would be too “young”. I am learning that I’m wrong. There is much to be discovered from a good YA book. I mean, I grew up reading it. Some of my fondest memories … More Wonder: Book Review

An ode to my thirties

In a few days, I have to say goodbye to my thirties. It’s time to start a new chapter in my life, and I can’t help but have a feeling of uncertainty about it. Sure, people say it’s the best time of their life. And sure they say that “life begins at forty”. But how … More An ode to my thirties

39 things about tee

Today is my 100th post! Yay! I can’t believe it’s already at 100. I feel like I haven’t been doing this for too long, and yet I feel so accomplished. Lately, I’ve seen quite a few blogs with questions about themselves, so I thought, in honour of my 100th post, I’d share a few things … More 39 things about tee

Moms just need to stick together

WAHM. SAHM. WFHM. Are you familiar with these terms? They are acronyms, labels if you will, for moms and you can find them in twitter profiles, Facebook status’ and blog “About Me” pages. We add these tags to help others identify with us. We seek others who have the same four letters. Work At Home … More Moms just need to stick together