Moms just need to stick together



Are you familiar with these terms? They are acronyms, labels if you will, for moms and you can find them in twitter profiles, Facebook status’ and blog “About Me” pages. We add these tags to help others identify with us. We seek others who have the same four letters.

Work At Home Mom. Stay At Home Mom. Work From Home Mom.

Does any of it matter?

Isn’t the most important letter/word in those tags/titles – Mom?!

We all work hard and have to find the balance, regardless where your desk is, what you wear and what you drive. I hate that there is still this distinction between those who choose to have a career and those who choose to stay home.

Both are admirable.

Both are hard.

Yet, as mothers, we still judge one another, instead of standing up for one another. We are quick to turn up our noses at the path another has chosen.

We are quick to throw out comments on the cars we drive, clothes we dress our children in, the neighbourhood we live in. But do we take the time to look another mother in her eye and relate? Because I guarantee there are very few mothers that I can’t relate to in one way or another.

If I have learned anything in my life, it’s that everyone has circumstances, everyone has hidden factors and everyone has a story. I have no right to judge anyone. And I try my very best not to.

Last weekend I attended a birthday party for the Little Bird’s classmate. I only knew one other mom, but had met a couple others in passing. Sitting down and getting to know somebody is something that I love to do. Finding a common ground, regardless of how different you think you are, is one of those good surprises in life. You may think you know that little girl in your daughter’s class, and you speak to the mom, relate to her struggles, and create a bond that only mothers can understand.

We need to stop the labels. We need to stop the judgements. Mothers everywhere have been struggling with the same issues for a long time.

I think we just need to stick together.

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