How to beat the boredom blues with tweens for the summer

Simple ideas to keep the kids from being bored this summer with an easy DIY project. … More How to beat the boredom blues with tweens for the summer

School’s out for summer!

The school year is over and I’m so proud of everything my girls accomplished. Look out summer, here we come! … More School’s out for summer!

Thrill Seekers

We are trying to squeeze as much as we can out of the last bits of summer. That means Friday nights we try our best to take the kids to Canada’s Wonderland, where the lines are drastically shorter, and in some cases non-existent. I don’t know what we were thinking earlier in the year, but … More Thrill Seekers

Happy summer!

  No more pencils! No more books!….and no more making lunches for parents everywhere! Yay! Wishing the Little Bird and all kids a very happy summer! May it be filled with laughter and fun and good memories.  

Parents of the year

I wonder if the manufactures of those large wooden swing/play structures take account of how many divorces they are responsible for. I mean, I’m sure many unsuspecting couples with small children have thought, “hey, we have put together IKEA furniture and didn’t kill each other, so let’s buy a swing set for the backyard and … More Parents of the year