Thrill Seekers

We are trying to squeeze as much as we can out of the last bits of summer. That means Friday nights we try our best to take the kids to Canada’s Wonderland, where the lines are drastically shorter, and in some cases non-existent.

I don’t know what we were thinking earlier in the year, but one day while waiting in line for the Ghoster Coaster with the Little Bird, I started playing on the Canada’s Wonderland app, and realized there were other rides for kids. We had never wandered out of Planet Snoopy, aside from walking to the exit and making a stop at The Rage (which I refer to as “The Boat”).

It’s because my kids are still not big enough to ride anything else.

The Little Mouse enjoying a ride in KidZville

The Little Bird would argue with you, saying that she’s too big for the rides in Planet Snoopy. She then crosses her arms and purses her lips in order NOT to smile, while we force her on rides with her little sister. But as I was looking at the app, I realized there was a new ride they hadn’t been on.  And as we decided to take a walk to see where it was, we realized that there was an entire section that we hadn’t ever visited.


Yes, I live approximately 15 minutes from Wonderland, and we’ve had season’s passes for two years now, but my brain had completely blocked out this side of the park.

You see, when I was younger and went there, this part didn’t even exist, as there was only Hanna Barbara Land. And I remember rides that were themed around the Flintstones, and the restaurant had something to do with Dino the dinosaur. I think it later became Smurf Forest.

But who went to Smurf Forest in their teens or 20s? Not me!

Now, we make a beeline for KidZville, and they love the rides in this area. There are still a few geared for smaller kids, but not as many as Planet Snoopy. And there’s a roller coaster on this side too, call the Silver Streak. Personally I prefer it. I think the Little Bird doesn’t though, as she gave me some excuse about the line being too long to go on it the last time we were there.

Somewhere between the beginning of the summer and now, the Little Mouse had a growth spurt too, because she can now go on these rides with the accompaniment of her sister, which means that I don’t have to try to squeeze my butt into a seat meant for somebody a third of my size.

Sisters, sticking together in line.

It’s amazing to stand on the sidelines, while they wait in line together, go on the rides together, laughing and having fun.

Some of the favourite rides include Blast Off, Jumpin’ Jet, Flying Eagles and Taxi Jam, which is especially fun (read: painful) trying to get in and out of as my knees are pressed up against the car. The Little Mouse was a little scared on the first go ‘round of that one, but she got used to the feeling of what I call the “bubble in their tummy” and joined in on the laughing and screaming fun.

We end off each trip there with a last stop at the “Boat”. This started because the Little Bird wanted to go on an adult ride, so I figured that one isn’t too scary, and she’s tall enough, so we went. She loved it.

Near the end of last summer, the Little Mouse wanted to try it. While D didn’t think that was a good idea for a four and a half year old to go on that, I disagreed. One of two things would happen: she would love it, or hate it. And if she hated it, he had company to wait with him.

Well, she loved it, and we went on it more than a handful of times.

For some reason, the Little Mouse had a change of heart this year, and won’t come on the Boat with us. So the Little Bird and I go on it and wave to them from the highest part of the ride.

The Little Bird checking out the Silver Streak

I’m happy my little thrill seekers like going on the rides, even if we’ve only just scratched the surface. There are many rides I have never been on yet, and each year they add more.

For now, we’ll enjoy KidZville and slowly move on from there.

Leviathan, we’ll see you soon enough!

The perfect close to every trip to Canada’s Wonderland, is getting a stamp on the way out!

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