Rick’s return

I’m going way, way back for today’s Music Monday. All the way back to 1987 to be exact. I like pop music. I always have, really, that’s not a secret. And while I may not have loved Duran Duran in the hay-day of the British Invasion of MTV, I did appreciate their popular hits and … More Rick’s return

Thrill Seekers

We are trying to squeeze as much as we can out of the last bits of summer. That means Friday nights we try our best to take the kids to Canada’s Wonderland, where the lines are drastically shorter, and in some cases non-existent. I don’t know what we were thinking earlier in the year, but … More Thrill Seekers

Every Woman

There is nothing like a song that connects to a great memory. A song that can bring you back to a specific time and place, and that spreads a smile across your face. For me, one of these memories is connected to Whitney Houston. Well, not to her directly, but to one of her songs. … More Every Woman


School starts next week. In exactly 6 days. WOO HOO!! Sorry, I digress…a while ago, my sister-in-law had asked me to take a day off work to go with her and the kids to Canada’s Wonderland. The summer then flew by and here we are, with little to no time left. So I decided to take today … More Wonder