School starts next week. In exactly 6 days.


Sorry, I digress…a while ago, my sister-in-law had asked me to take a day off work to go with her and the kids to Canada’s Wonderland. The summer then flew by and here we are, with little to no time left. So I decided to take today off and my sister-in-law, GamerBoy, the Paxter, the Little Bird and I all headed over for some wonder and amazement…and, of course, for some rides and fun!

We haven’t taken our kids to Wonderland yet, even though we live about 15 minutes from there. I just know that my Little Mouse isn’t able to ride all of rides, and my husband isn’t a rides person. To be honest, I thought before I shell out a small fortune for season’s passes, I thought I’d wait as long as possible before exposing them to the fun that is Wonderland.

Well that changed today, and there’s no looking back.

I think it’s been about 10 years since I’ve been there. I am a thrill seeker and love to ride the coasters and spin and zip around on any and all rides. But and let’s face it; I’m too old for all this walking around, and the seats must have shrunk or something, because I don’t remember feeling so squished in!

After getting there right as the gates opened, we did our first stop at the buckets (which was always my first stop as a teen) and my Little Bird said she’d try it. We went on with GamerBoy and, well, let’s just say that the Little Bird wasn’t impressed. It was too fast, she said. So I guess the Leviathan was out of the question!

The Leviathan, one of the worlds biggest & tallest roller coasters


We made our way over to Planet Snoopy and eased into the rides with a slow and steady ride around Swan Lake. Eventually we found ourselves on pumpkins and balloons, planes, trains and automobiles!

Snoopy vs. Red Baron plane ride


Surprisingly, my Little Bird agreed to go on the Ghoster Coaster with the Paxter and I – and she LOVED it! While I could tell on the first drop she was a little scared at the speed we were going, after a couple turns and bumps, she was laughing along with us. The true testament was the fact that she asked to go on it again right away! She didn’t fare so well with the bumper cars, however, not remembering that we told her she had to turn her wheel. It wouldn’t have mattered, because when you put a bunch of 3-7 year olds behind the wheel of a small, magnetic car, they all end up in a mess in the middle – with nobody moving!

The kids had a blast! My sister-in-law and I got a little toasty in the hot, hot sun!

About four hours later we had had enough. And after wishing we could take a dip in the water, we decided to get some Slurpee’s and head home.

Waterfall Wonderland
Victoria Falls, Canada’s Wonderland

It was a great day and my Little Bird is already making plans for when we can go back with daddy and the Little Mouse.

Have you been to Canada’s Wonderland? Are you a thrill seeker or a sightseer?

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  1. I went 2 weeks ago – my bro was in town with his wife and 4 boys. We had a blast. John showed up later and screamed like a little girl on Leviathan (which is awesome!!!) My 8 year old nephew finally said to him: Next time we go on, Uncle John, try to take it like a man.

    Ha! Oh, I laughed.

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