First day of SK

First Day in SK

Listen…do you hear that? No? It’s the sound of a quiet house. Ahhh! The kiddies are back to school! Isn’t it amazing!?

I’m not a stay-at-home-mommy, but I decided to work from home today, so I could take my Little Bird to school on her first day of Senior Kindergarten. I’m sure many SAHM are rejoicing today, enjoying a little me-time.

I’ve been asking my Little Bird for weeks if she was excited for the start of school, and I always got the same answer, “No!” In fact, she once said, “Mommy! I told you no, I’m not excited. You’re excited. Not me. Please stop asking me.”

I pretty sure she even rolled her eyes at me that morning.

So I stopped asking, until I finally found out her new teacher’s name, and (because I am a glutton for punishment), I asked again.

“Yes. I’m in SK this year.”

What?! She was excited after all!

I had already purchased all her clothes and this past weekend we found her indoor shoes, so we were ready! She even had a big smile on her face when I wished her sweet dreams last night. She was ready!

The question was; was I?

I started this blog last year after coming home from dropping her off on her first day of JK and I was a crying mess. I teared up last night and this morning, in anticipation of her walking through the gate to meet her friends.

Bird & Mouse - school

So this morning she was up early and she ate up all her breakfast. She asked me three times if it was time to go, which told me she was excited and ready. So we got ready, including the Little Mouse too – as she’s home with a bad cough/cold. And we took some much-need and expected pictures. She was great, smiling and even posing with her sister.

As we sat outside for a few of our last shots, my Little Bird put her arm around the Little Mouse, and well, as you can expect, tears filled my eyes. But I vowed not to cry at school, so off we went to school.

On the way to school

The street looked like a parking lot, and the crowd around the kindergarten fence was three-deep. She slowed down a bit as we approached the gate, but after a little squeeze of my hand, she kissed me and let go, running over to her friends!

I managed to wiggle my way to the front, met her new teacher and the Little Mouse and I blew her kisses. Once the bell rang, she waved confidently and off she went.

My big girl is in SK. And she was smiling and happy to be there.

And I didn’t cry as I waved goodbye.

Win-win for all of us!

I wish all students a successful and amazing year.

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