My first


Happy Blogiversary to me!

It’s the first one. Traditionally the gift to give on a first year anniversary is paper. But since this is a blog, I’ll just take some blog-lovin’, perhaps a follow…

…and some humble pie, apparently!

Seriously though, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Although I had a slow start, I am glad that I finally made the commitment to myself to write. It all started when I got home from my Little Bird’s first day of school, crying and wondering what I was going to with myself. So while tears streamed down my eyes, I created a WordPress account and haven’t looked back.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year, including how to find balance in my life in order to fit in writing with my other responsibilities, including family, work and more. While it certainly isn’t easy all the time, I’m having a blast!

Thank you to all those who follow and for those who just check in once in a while. I appreciate your love and support. It’s nice to see how organically a community can form, and how wonderful the blogosphere is. I’ve met some amazing people on my journey, and learn something every day.

Some fun facts about tania2atee:

Top 5 Posts:

  1. The Prom
  2. Butterfly Kisses
  3. My Journey
  4. Hooked on Cuteness & We’re Up All Night with the Sun (tied)
  5. Put the money in your bra and go!

Most Commented Posts:

  1. The Prom
  2. Books in full Blume
  3. An honest look at my reflection
  4. Why
  5. My journey
  6. My teenaged dreams come true

To date, I have:


77 posts

6 categories

328 tags

2,073 all-time views to date

64 comments total

I know, it’s not a lot, but it’s a start. And I’m pretty proud of myself (if I may say so).

Great risk often leads to great reward, or so they say. So as I try to carve a little space for myself out in the big bad blogging world, I’ll take it one like at a time. And as I work towards celebrity blogger status, I’ll just keep putting myself out there.

One word at a time!

Happy Friday!

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