First day of school: Grade 2 & Grade 5

It sounds cliché to say that time is flying, but as the first day of school is today, I feel it so much more when I see their names on class lists for grade 2 and grade 5. It really does feel like yesterday that they were little babes in my arms, or learning to … More First day of school: Grade 2 & Grade 5

School’s out for summer!

The school year is over and I’m so proud of everything my girls accomplished. Look out summer, here we come! … More School’s out for summer!

Sayonara Grade 3

Sayonara Grade 3. It’s been a blast! Some of you might remember the tears, the frustration and the battle we were having with the Little Bird at the start of the school year, most specifically related to Grade 3 math. After a few of these battles, and hours and hours of homework, I went looking … More Sayonara Grade 3

Grade 3 math

Grade 3 math homework has induced tears, foot-stomping, tantrums and screaming. And that was my reaction. We are still within the start of the school year and have multiple pages of math work almost every evening. Plus whatever else the Little Bird brings home, like Science. I learned my lesson from earlier attempts and now try to … More Grade 3 math

First Day of School: 2016 edition

There were no tears today. None. Not from me, or the Little Bird or the Little Mouse. So, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that milestone. Especially where I am concerned. It’s a pretty big deal. Okay, onto the kids… We began the morning, as we do on the first day of school every … More First Day of School: 2016 edition