First day of school: Grade 2 & Grade 5

It sounds cliché to say that time is flying, but as the first day of school is today, I feel it so much more when I see their names on class lists for grade 2 and grade 5.

It really does feel like yesterday that they were little babes in my arms, or learning to walk and talk. Now they don’t want to hold my hand in the playground. I got a kiss from one, and a wave from the other. It’s not cool to kiss your mom on the playground anymore!

[insert tears here]

In all seriousness, I actually prepared myself for it. I knew those days were over. So no, there were no tears, from anyone; not me, or the girls. And as far as first days go, today’s went very smoothly.

We got up, ate breakfast and I made their lunches. They got dressed, skipped the previously requested hair curling/hair straightening, and decided to do something much less fussy – a flower band and pig tails (or as the Little Mouse likes to call them – pink tails).






They let me take approximately 179 pictures; with their signs and without. Together and separately. Inside and out. They were super patient, which I now realize were nerves. They were both a little scared, but also super excited to get to school. We made our way there and once we got to the playground, they were off to find their friends. Well, the Little Bird was off. The Little Mouse was sticking to my side a bit.

It was then I realized she didn’t want to hold my hand. I tried a few times to hold it, when she finally said; “mom, we can’t hold hands.” I wanted to cry, but I told her okay.

After seeing their class lists get taped up to the wall, we found out that the Little Mouse is in a grade 1-2 split and the Little Bird is once again with her entire grade; all 32 kids together in one class.

We stood around a while longer, saying hi and catching up with their friends. It was then that I looked up to find the Little Bird, who was across the yard. I wanted to wish her a great day of school, but she just waved back at me when I was waving her over. So I waved back, swallowed the lump in my throat and asked the Little Mouse if I could at least have a kiss goodbye. She obliged, and went to stand with her friends to follow her new teacher – a male teacher – inside.

And they were off.

While I knew the day would come, where I am merely just there to bring them and pick them up, I have to admit that I’m a bit sad. I know it’s only at the school, and at home my girls are affectionate and sweet and loving. It’s all for the appearances. I get it. And I probably did the same thing.

But man, I wasn’t ready for how my heart would feel, which is a little heavy.

I know that this will be a successful year for both girls.

The Little Mouse will celebrate her Communion this year. I think it’s nice that she has a male teacher and even more exciting that it’s a teacher new to the school. She is so adaptable, that she will go with the flow, no matter what. Grade two will be good for her and she will learn a lot. I would be lying if I said I hope she didn’t get homework, because up until now, she has barely had any. It’s time she starts to get some work – not a lot – but enough to help her get into the habit of having it and learning how to work from home. I can’t wait to see her grow her confidence and learn.

Grade 5 is exciting. They are getting up there, and are not little kids anymore. I know the Little Bird will be successful and work hard. She had an amazing year last year academically and I know if she works equally as hard, she will be just as successful this year too. I remember my fifth grade teacher and my class. And I loved it. I hope she does too. I have watched her go from a shy little girl into a more confident young lady. She has navigated school yard situations and goes out of her way for her friends. I hope she continues to do that and grow that confidence more. I hope she continues to be helpful and kind to those around her and learn as much as she can!

I wish much success to all the teachers. And to kids everywhere, may the 2018/2019 school year be productive and fruitful. Be kind to everyone, ask questions and participate. Eat your lunch and share your knowledge.


Happy first day of school!

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