Every Woman


There is nothing like a song that connects to a great memory. A song that can bring you back to a specific time and place, and that spreads a smile across your face. For me, one of these memories is connected to Whitney Houston. Well, not to her directly, but to one of her songs. And no, it’s not a date, or a grade 8 dance. This particular song brings me back to Canada’s Wonderland, circa 1994/1995 (give or take).

On this particular day, my friend Muds and I decided to head over to spend the day at Wonderland. Due to a bit of rain, and a dare to each other, we decided to make a video. Yes, I said video. Way, way back, you could pick a song, lip sync the words and make your own music video. So we decided, on a whim, to do it. I am smiling as I type this, but it turned out to be one of the funniest things I have on tape.

We started off looking through the song choices, and for some reason, we chose I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston. We then decided that it would be a good idea to just stand around and dance. We knew some most of the words and laughed through all of it.

The only thing I can be grateful for is the fact that not many people have VHS machines, which means this footage, of two twenty-something’s making fools of themselves on a cloudy day at an amusement park, almost twenty years ago, will be lost forever.


To my friend, Muds;  you have to come over soon so we can watch this video again!

And yes, I still have a VHS player.

Happy Monday!


I’m Every Woman

By: Whitney Houston

Whatever you want,
Whatever you need,
Anything you want done, baby,
I’ll do it naturally
‘Cause I’m every woman
It’s all in me.
It’s all in me, yeah!

Chorus 1:
I’m every woman,
It’s all in me.
Anything you want done, baby,
I’ll do it naturally.

Chorus 2:
I’m every woman,
It’s all in me.
I can read your thoughts right now,
Everyone from A to Z.

I can cast a spell,
Of secrets you can tell,
Mix a special brew,
Put fire inside of you.
Anytime you feel danger or fear,
Then instantly
I will appear ’cause…

(Chorus 1)

I can sense your needs
Like rain unto the seeds.
I can make a rhyme
Of confusion in your mind.
And when it comes back to some good old-fashioned love,
I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it, got it, baby, ’cause…

(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 2)

I ain’t braggin’ ’cause I am the one
You just ask me, oo, it shall be done.
And don’t bother to compare,
I’ve got it.

I’m every woman…


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