Every Woman

There is nothing like a song that connects to a great memory. A song that can bring you back to a specific time and place, and that spreads a smile across your face. For me, one of these memories is connected to Whitney Houston. Well, not to her directly, but to one of her songs. … More Every Woman

Put the money in your bra and go!

The other day, I was chatting with a bunch of girls about where we used to put our money when we went out…you know, in the olden days. Of the ‘90s. Because we didn’t take our purses to ‘da club back then. We didn’t have cell phones to worry about, or even toonies. (The $2 … More Put the money in your bra and go!

The Boys in Buffalo

  Have you ever won a contest? Called into a radio show? Combined the two and won a contest off the radio? I used to be pretty lucky and used to call into our local top-40 station and I would win passes to shows, CDs, passes to nightclubs and more. I even a pool cue … More The Boys in Buffalo