The other day my husband pointed out a phone booth; a rare sight, nowadays. The Little Bird asked what it was, and D explained that there was a time when not everyone had a cell phone, or that even there was a time where those didn’t exist. After the shock and awe of such a … More #socialmom

How hearing aids changed my father-in-law’s life

Check out my guest posts featured at CAA South Central Ontario’s blog today. My father-in-law had been tuned out and it wasn’t by choice…he couldn’t hear and his old and clunky hearing aids were uncomfortable and ineffective. Read about how upgrading his hearing aids and new technology changed his perspective on life and had him engaged in … More How hearing aids changed my father-in-law’s life

Website me!

I have a new follower! My mom confessed today that she is reading my blog. {Hi Mom!} While I have read both my parents a blog post here or there, they haven’t read all of it. So the fact that she’s reading it, on my brother and sister-in-law’s iPad no less, makes me proud of … More Website me!