Guilty as Sin: Music Monday

I love this track!

There is a clean and regular (read: dirty) version to this song, and today I’ve chosen to share the clean edit.

And while it’s not a tune to listen to with kids around, it is Victoria Day here in Canada, so whatever celebrations you have planned today, enjoy!

Is there a new artist you think I should listen to? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Happy Monday!

Getting closer


We’re getting closer.

Closer to the day when we take the Little Mouse out of daycare for the last time and say goodbye to the teachers and friends she’s been surrounded by since she was a year old. Closer to the day when we buy her a new uniform, a new lunchbox and she starts Junior Kindergarten.

Excuse me while I am conflicted between joy and sorrow!

Joy as she’s growing up, starting a new journey in her life.

Joy as mommy and daddy only have one drop off and pick up location!

Joy as the kids will be together in one place. While the Little Mouse will be in a separate playground until she’s in grade 1, it gives me comfort knowing that the Little Bird will be close by.

Joy because before and after care for two kids won’t cost as much as daycare for one kid.


And then there’s the sorrow part. You know, that part where my eyes well-up with tears knowing that she’s not a baby anymore. She’s going to “big school” and will become more independent.

Last week we attended the JK information night at the school and while the numbers are down, there will be a full class and a small class. I don’t know if our family will get lucky twice in a row, but I’m secretly hoping for the small class again.

The Little Bird did well with fewer numbers. She was heard and seen and while there will be a teacher and an ECE teacher in the bigger class, I loved the 15-1 ratio.

Whatever happens, happens. She already goes in at a bit of an advantage, as she is familiar with some of the staff at the Before and After School program. They all know and like her and already do their best to include her in snack and activities when she tags along for pick-up – and she doesn’t even go there yet! She also has a few friends, one from daycare and a couple other she has met that are siblings of the Little Bird’s friends. So there will be some friendly faces.

We went in completely blind with the Little Bird.

It doesn’t mean I won’t cry. Because we all know that’ll happen for sure. But it does mean that I’m more comfortable this time around.

She’s going to be great.

I just can’t believe the time is almost here!

Pink balloons

I am still amazed at the beautiful assembly the Little Bird’s class put on last week, in honour of Mother Mary and Mother’s Day.

Her grade one class did all the readings, all the blessings and all the tributes.

The Little Bird was responsible for doing the closing prayer, thanking the whole school and the guests for coming and introducing the Principal to say a few words. She did an awesome job.

She tried to rush her way through practicing throughout the week, and even got mad at me for how many times I tried to get her to read through it all, but I wanted her to be comfortable with it. She made me well up with tears at how comfortable she was.

I was so proud of her.

But the tears didn’t stop there.

The Principal introduced another teacher who went up to speak about mothers and women and how unfortunately cancer is affecting so many of those we love. We all know a woman touched by this horrible disease.

She told us of a survivor among us, one of the other teachers, who received a round of applause and lots of love and cheers for beating cancer, and we clapped for another teacher who also survived, but couldn’t make it that day. She pointed out the pink balloons behind her and asked each of the teachers to take a balloon.

The entire school was invited to go outside together, stand in a circle and watch the release of balloons in honour of women who have been touched by cancer, survived cancer or know somebody who may have lost the battle to cancer.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I didn’t expect such a beautiful tribute and was honoured to be able to join the group outside to watch this beautiful gesture.

Outside the energy was high. The kids were excited to see the balloons. The adults gave knowing nods and smiles, aware that the reality is we’ve all been touched by this disease one way or another.




With a bright blue sky as the backdrop, the pink balloons floated above us as a moving tribute and filled the sky.

While releasing a balloon isn’t going to find a cure, it brought a school community closer together and standing in love and support for women everywhere.

I was moved to tears at how beautiful the entire day was and hope I never forget that feeling. I hope I remember it for my nonnas, aunts, cousins, mother-in-law and friends who have been touched by this unforgiving, and undiscriminating disease.

And I hope one day we find a cure.

*Balloons were environmentally friendly.

Music Monday: See You Again

There are songs that are written for, or dedicated to specific occasions, and no matter what you do, you can’t separate that connection.

After his son’s tragic death, Eric Clapton wrote Tears in Heaven.

Candle in the Wind was rewritten and re-recorded by Sir Elton John as a tribute to Princess Diana when she died in 1997.

And I will forever connect I’ll be Missing You by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans, featuring 112 to the death of Notorious B.I.G.

The latest tribute song that I find myself unable to get out of my head is See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth. And unless you live under a rock, it’s a touching tribute to actor Paul Walker and featured in the latest Furious 7 movie. It’s just a beautiful song, paying respect to those who have died too young.

Last month, Billboard released a list of The 16 Most Touching Tribute Songs. Do you know them all, and the stories behind them? Did they miss any?

Here’s the video for See You Again.

Happy Monday.

80’s teen movie mash up

Slaps, fights, dancing, cheesy stunts, big hair, questionable fashion, sloppy kisses and exuberant displays of happiness. That pretty much sums up the mash up video which tributes 80’s teen movies.

I lived on these movies growing up.

I loved each and every one of them and how they bravely tackled emotions and struggles and teenage angst. I love how they showed us that a little hard work and some creativity paid off. And how, no matter what, your friends were there for you; to get into trouble with, laugh with and of course, cry with.

There are 28 movies in all featured in this mash up, laid to the track Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds. Can you name them all?

Enjoy and happy hump day!

Happy birthday to my mom


My mom is a blessing.

I don’t know if there will ever be enough words to express my love and my gratitude for all that she is and all that she does. She helps me and my family in ways that mean so much.

We can make each other laugh and cry, and sometimes both of those together.

My girls love her to pieces. As do my nephews.

She is my father’s other half. One might even argue his better half. (I’m sure he’ll agree).

Growing up, she was a taxi driver, counselor, nurse and chef. Now, she’s a nonna, a mom, a caregiver and, most importantly, my friend.

I want to take the time to wish her the happiest of birthdays. We love you very much and hope your day is filled with sunshine, and relaxation and happiness.

Happy birthday.


Shut up and dance: Music Monday

I know it’s a Tuesday, but bear with me…it’s worth it.

Nothing makes me happier than a good dance scene from a movie. There are way too many to even start trying to list them all, but think Flashdance, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Slumdog Millionaire, Magic Mike, Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction and West Side Story.

If we’re talking musicals, the dance scene is expected. If we’re talking drama’s or comedies, they are always a welcome surprise.

I just watched this video and it had me smiling from ear-to-ear.

Somebody put together all the most perfect, and most famous dance scenes from movies across all genres and laid it to the track Shut Up and Dance, by Walk the Moon.

It. Is. Perfection.


If you are interested in the movies used, they are listed below:

0:04 Silver Linings Playbook

0:06 Reality Bites

0:08 Something Borrowed

0:12 Love Actually

0:15 Charlie’s Angels

0:17 Dirty Dancing

0:20 Big

0:23 Reservoir Dogs

0:25 American Beauty

0:27 Happy Feet 2

0:29 13 going on 30

0:31 Slumdog Millionaire

0:33 Save the Last Dance

0:37 Alice in Wonderland

0:40 Kick-Ass

0:42 Pulp Fiction

0:44 (500) Days of Summer

0:46 Flashdance

0:48 This Is the End

0:51 Grease

0:53 Intouchables (French movie)

0:57 Tangled

1:00 The Replacements

1:02 Pride (UK movie)

1:05 Blue Valentine

1:07 The Wolf of Wall Street

1:10 Grind

1:11 Ted

1:13 Beetlejuice

1:14 American Pie

1:16 Blast from the Past

1:17 King of New York

1:19 Clerks II

1:21 The Mask

1:23 Mamma Mia!

1:25 New Year’s Eve

1:27 The Proposal

1:29 American Pie: The Wedding

1:30 Footloose

1:32 Magic Mike

1:34 Get Smart

1:36 West Side Story

1:38 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1:39 Scary Movie

1:41 The 40 Year Old Virgin

1:44 Hitch

1:47 Risky Business

1:49 The Breakfast Club

1:53 Penguins of Madagascar

1:55 Mermaids

1:57 Nothing to Lose

2:01 Billy Elliot

2:04 Shall We Dance

2:06 Hairspray

2:08 Napoleon Dynamite

2:10 Puss in Boots

2:12 She’s All That

2:14 The Heat

2:16 Rush Hour

2:19 West Side Story

2:21 A Night at the Roxbury

2:23 Burn after Reading

2:25 Step Up

2:27 Dirty Dancing

2:28 The Sound of Music

2:30 Silver Linings Playbook

2:32 The Ugly Truth

2:35 Scent of a Woman

2:38 Beauty and the Beast

2:40 Pretty in Pink

2:42 Grease

2:43 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2:45 Along came Polly

2:47 White Nights

2:49 Cry Baby

2:51 Tropic Thunder

2:53 The Blues Brothers

2:55 Mary Poppins

2:57 Footloose (2011)

2:59 Friends with Benefits

3:00 The Sweetest Thing

3:02 Coyote Ugly

3:04 Saturday Night Fever

3:06 Center Stage

3:08 Rock of Ages

3:10 Little Miss Sunshine

3:12 Disaster Movie

3:14 Bring it on