Music Monday: Sugar

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you know that music is so important to me. And while I haven’t been around much, music is always coursing through my head. I’ve had this one stuck in my head for a while, and knew that I had to share it with you, if you haven’t heard it yet.

Sugar by Robin Schulz, featuring Francesco Yates is my Music Monday choice. And aside from the cutie-patootie Yates, the beat of is amazing.

NOTE: I do not endorse the reckless driving portrayed in this video, however the way the officer feels

Happy Monday!

First day in Grade 2


It’s the first day of school! And I would say we’re off to a good start.

First of all, I didn’t cry today.

Please, take a moment to stop and acknowledge this huge milestone…

Okay, moving on.

The Little Bird started school today. She is off to Grade 2!

Now I need a moment to acknowledge this huge milestone…

I’m so proud of her!

As with every first day school, I make the girls take pictures with a sign I make. I make them pose on their own, with each other, with their backpacks, both inside and outside, and on the way to school. It’s a ritual, and they are always excited to see what their sign looks like this year.

I even turned on the video camera to do a short first day interview. The Little Bird answered all my questions, and all the questions the Little Mouse asked her too! You can see her maturity come through the lens. She is quieter, more serious and thinks about her answers first. It’s amazing.

The Little Mouse doesn’t start Junior Kindergarten until Friday.


I’m not the gambling type, but I’m pretty certain there will be tears on Friday. (Mine, of course. Not the Little Mouse’s)

But back to today…

We were early, but the girls wanted to get to school, so we got our umbrellas and made our way, slowly walking to school in the light rain. I think the Little Bird was a bit nervous, but I think she was excited to see who her teacher was.

And she was excited to see her friends.


Since it was wet outside, we met in the gym, and waited around for the class lists to be posted. In the meantime, she said hi to her friends and her reading buddy from last year. She was super excited to see that her reading buddy (now in grade 6), had a donut backpack just like she did!

Yes, her backpack is covered in colourful images of donuts. And it was packed with a healthy lunch, huge water bottle, indoor shoes, extra clothes, a ruler and three pencil cases; one for crayons, one for markers and pencil crayons and one with pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters and a glue stick.


It made the bag pretty heavy, but she did her best not to complain.

Finally, a list went up and she was surprised to see that her old phys ed teacher from last year, was her grade 2 teacher this year. And then she was even happier to see that she had some old friends back in her class.

She is in the full grade 2 class, while some others are in one of the other two split classes; a 1 / 2 split or a 2 / 3 split. We have a small school, so there are quite a few splits, and it appears as though she is part of the largest group, which is why they split them three times.

She was all smiles; happy with where she was. So that made me happy.

I wish her a successful year in school. May she be kind to everyone, keep her hands to herself and use her words when she needs to. I hope she works hard, plays hard and learns a lot. I hope she builds new friendships and takes on new challenges. I hope she shows what a wonderful, bright and curious child she is. That her love of learning and trying new things help her achieve all her goals.

You go, Little Bird! Be brave, work hard, show kindness to others and be yourself. That is what a successful school year is all about.

Happy first day of school!


Are you on Facebook? Do you get the “On this day” memories? They basically re-share with you something that you posted last year, two years ago; three years ago…you get the point.

I usually get the update, but haven’t received anything worth sharing yet.

Until yesterday.

Last night, I got a picture of my girls from four years ago. My Little Mouse was just a wee thing around six months old, and my Little Bird was about three and a half. If I remember correctly, the Little Bird had tied a baby blanket around her shoulders, pretending she was a superhero, so D tied one around the Little Mouse to match and I snapped a picture.

They look adorable.

The Future Mrs. Bieber tshirt my Little Mouse wore, to profess her love for #justinbieber

So what does this have to do with Music Monday? Well, as I contemplated what song to choose for today’s post, that picture made up my mind for me.

You see, the Little Bird was wearing a shirt that read “The Future Mrs. Bieber” and seeing as I actually like the Biebs’ new songs, that picture solidified my choice.

I can’t wait to show the Little Bird that picture, because she doesn’t remember actually liking Justin Bieber. She doesn’t remember watching Baby or One Time, over and over again; singing all the words at the top of her lungs. She doesn’t remember that I would have listened to the My World CD over and over again, if it meant I could stop listening to The Little Mermaid CD in the car.

These were the first videos she watched on YouTube, and the first pop songs she actually requested over any nursery rhyme or kids’ song. In fact, to this day, she refers to him as Justin Beaver, even after I tell her what his proper name is, she doesn’t care.

A few months ago, as we were walking through the mall, she saw the floor-to-ceiling ads at the Calvin Klein store of the Biebs kissing a model. She didn’t seem to care that they were kissing as much as she cared that he was in his underwear. And when I told her she used to like him when she was little, she actually said tried to argue with me that she didn’t.

Her protests of liking this boy who was in his underwear, and displayed larger than life and for all to see at the mall was so unfathomable that she refused to belieb it.

Fast forward a few months, and she’s telling me to put the radio higher when his new song comes on. The Little Mouse likes it too.

Something tells me we have some new and renewed Bieber fans!

Here is Where are Ü Now by Skrillex and Diplo, featuring Justin Bieber.

Happy Monday, y’all!


Blogging has introduced me to many types of blogs and bloggers. These blogs and bloggers cover an array of topics and write about so many great things, that all I can do sometimes is admire them.

And follow them! And some of them follow me back!

I consider them colleagues; associates in the bad, bad world of blogging.

Alright, it’s not bad. It’s what we all have in common, which is passion. Passion for sharing our stories and our words, our journey and our struggles. And the good times.

Coach Daddy is one of those bloggers, and he reached out to me to ask me to contribute to one of his world famous 6 words posts.

I was honoured.

Then I freaked out a little, because how could I answer his request in only 6 words?!

Well I did it, and I think the whole post is fabulous. Please check out his post Our Requests for Kindness, in 6 Words and give him a follow. He’ll make you laugh and wonder with his words. And I particularly love all the storm trooper images he uses with his posts!

Thanks again, Coach Daddy for including me on your post today.

Yesterday: Music Monday

You know when you hear a song, that has a classic sample in it, and it brings you back. I mean, way back?

Well, the Black Eyed Peas are back with some new music and this song does just that. Their new track Yesterday has more samples than I can count, including the likes of N.W.A’s. Straight Outta Compton, Beastie Boys’ Paul Revere, De La Soul’s 3 Feet and Rising) and that iconic beat from the opening of Black Sheep’s The Choice is Yours. Other names dropped in the song include Queen Latifah,  Run-D.M.C., Ice-T, Doug E. Fresh, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and even L.L. Cool J and more.

It really is a great tribute to the classic rap songs of the past.

But to hear the song is one thing. I encourage you to watch the video, because BEP take a trip to an old school record shop. Every time they hold up a record, that sample appears in the song. And they do some great stuff with the album artwork also.

I’d love to know how many favours were pulled to get the rights to use all these songs and album covers. It’s a sight to see.

While Fergie is not there, it has yet to be determined if she is not returning to the group, or is just off working on her own thing. But not to worry,, and Taboo do a great job.

Time will tell, I guess.

In the meantime, enjoy this track, because it’s well done, smart and a really great throwback to some classic tracks.

Happy Monday!