/ˈf(y)ü ü üsh’


Expression of relief by a three year old Little Mouse, who thinks she’s saying phew!

What a week! As it is every year, the weeks leading up to Christmas are usually booked solid, activities, outings, visits with friends and more.

This year, it went something like this;

Monday I had a dinner with work colleagues, and while I didn’t get home late, I wasn’t feeling so good. This cold/cough combination I caught just won’t go away!

Tuesday was my last night of class. I have been taking a Public Speaking and Presentation course through the University of Toronto. My final and 10 minute presentation was last week, and so this week I got to listen to the rest of the class present.

I enjoyed this class very much. And thought that my classmates and professor were all amazing. We had a great group of people. I especially loved that in the last few minutes of class, the professor made each of us go to the front of the class, while the rest of the class said words out loud that described them. Some of the words I remember were storyteller, creative, funny, animated, not lazy, delightful, entertaining.

What a great way to end a class! We were all left with positive words of the impression we left on people. I wish all my classmates much success and look forward to receiving my certificate, since this was my last class to completing my Communications for Professionals Certificate!

Wednesday was definitely hump day! We had both the Little Mouse and Little Bird’s holiday concerts that day. So D and I both left work a little early in order to pick up the Little Bird, get her changed for her concert and to the daycare in time to watch the Little Mouse.

We made it just in time, as her class began to sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. They were adorable. Now the second song was a bit of a surprise, because all the Little Mouse would say was that they were going to be dancing. So when they started to play All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, my eyes welled up. That song reminds me of Love Actually, which is my husband and my ultimate favourite Christmas movie. They were so cute, dancing and moving around the front of the room. And I loved how she kept looking up with a huge smile on her face, watching to make sure we were watching her.

Once that was done, we bundled up to make our way to a quick dinner at the Golden Arches and then off to the Little Bird’s school, where D went to save us seats as close to the stage as possible, as I went to get her dressed as an angel. After she was ready, I made my way back to my seat, about five rows back.

The concert started and they were the second act, so I made my way to the front to sit on the floor, so she could see me, while I took pictures and recorded the whole thing – all at the same time. They were adorable. They sang There Was a Little Boy , dressed as angels, sheppards, Mary and Joseph. We then enjoyed the rest of the classes and the last act had all of the kids, (JK through to Grade 3) back on stage to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

That wasn’t the end of the night, however, as we went home, put the kids to bed and welcomed D’s friend over for our traditional Survivor Finale viewing party. Well, party is a bit of an exaggeration. We talk about the show and watch the finale and reunion show. And while it was a long and exhausting day, it’s always fun to hang out with F and this year’s show was one of the first times we were all happy with the outcome.

Oh, also sometime during this night, I managed to wrap three teachers’ gifts, three before and after care teachers’ gifts and write a few cards. I slept well that night.

Thursday was not as hectic, although I had an action-packed day at work (my punishment for being off for two weeks, I’m sure). After picking the kids up from school, I made pasta and we did our usual, homework and colouring. Then they watched a bit of television and off to bed. It was the first time I got to lie on the couch this week. And I didn’t want to move!

And here we are today! My last day of work for two weeks. The Little Bird’s last day of school for two weeks. The Little Mouse gets to be away from daycare for two weeks too. D, unfortunately can’t take holidays, however will get to spend some time relaxing, hopefully.

So in the words of my three year old, Pheeyoush!

What a week!

I’m looking forward to being home, getting a break, and hanging out with my girls.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

Little Drummer Boy: Music Monday

It’s that time of year! And it seems to have taken me a while to get into the holiday spirit. Our tree has been up since the third week of November, and the lights were hung outside a week later. We even got an Elf on the Shelf this year. A girl elf, that my little one’s named Snowflake.

The new advent calendar is in full swing, the kind where mommy has to remember to put something behind the little door every day. Of course, the kids loving their surprises, sometimes chocolate, sometimes a little toy. It’s been cold, snowed a lot and we’re preparing for two Christmas concerts at two different locations on the same night!

However I found myself switching the radio as fast as I could when a Christmas song played.

This past weekend, I seem to have been bitten by the holiday bug.

I [finally] transferred old video tapes over so they are free and captured for this years’ memories. I wrapped a couple of presents and I baked.

I think that’s my magic potion. I love to bake and I made a couple of cookies to get ready for the holidays. We were also having a friend over, so I made one of my favourite holiday recipes, what I call the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cookies and I tried my hand at Angeletti, a crumbly cookie bite with vanilla glaze and sprinkles that were a staple of my Nonna Angela’s kitchen.

I think the only thing I missed yesterday were a few carols on the radio.

I hope you’ve found your spirit, since Christmas is but 10 day away!

Today’s Music Monday pic is one of my favourite songs, Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix. If you’ve never heard their a cappella vocals, I encourage you to listen to them. They are amazing.

Happy Monday!


Life of the party: Music Monday

This past weekend, this song seemed to be on every channel. Both my girls sang the words from the back seat along with me. As I sat at red light, I listened to the Little Bird belt it out and I heard the song in a different light.

She just earned her second stripe in karate last week, but was in a foul mood Saturday morning, and didn’t want to go to class. Her teachers noticed her demeanor and through class kept their eyes on her, making her laugh and ultimately she shed the bad mood for a good one.

She also got pulled aside at the end of class, with two other boys to tell her that they were proud of her for being respectful and quite while some other kids fooled around during a talk on bullying and stranger danger.

She was proud of herself.

I was proud of her too.

Back to the red light and as I listened to the words from this song, it seemed to really seemed to fit that moment in time.

I love it when music does that.

Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party is a song that I initially brushed off as a teen love song. However it has since made itself into a positive affirmation for my girls.

Dance like there’s nobody there…

Don’t be afraid…

Take your shot. It might be scary…

We don’t have to be ordinary…

We don’t have the time to be sorry…

So baby, be the life of the party…

There’s no one standing in your way…


Happy Monday!



985, 45, 1: a response to ‘Why I’m not a fan of the Little Mermaid’

The Little Mermaid Poster

No, I’m not a fan of the Little Mermaid, and I wrote about that last week. One day later, Erica Ehm’s YummyMummyClub shared it on their Facebook page, and my blog stats skyrocketed! I couldn’t believe my eyes! In under an hour, I had over 400 views and in two hours I reached 730 unique visits.

For some of you, that may not be a big deal; small potatoes for those bloggers with a huge fan base. But for me, that’s huge! I was honoured to be shared, and excited to have so much traffic. That’s why bloggers blog, right? In order to be seen.

The day after that, the views continued to climb and by the days’ end I had 985 views to my blog.

And there were 45 comments to that Facebook post.

Yes, I am aware that The Little Mermaid is a fictional character. Yes, I know that it’s make-believe. I know she is a Disney princess and little girls (and apparently grown women) love her. However, there were some harsh and personal comments on there that I didn’t feel were necessary. It’s a good thing I survived Journalism school and got my stories ripped to shreds by the professor, because if I hadn’t, I would have been pretty upset.

Instead, I have to laugh at the outrage I caused discussing this (apparently) beloved mermaid girl princess character.

So again, please know in all uncertainty, that I understand she is not real. However, also please understand that I stand behind my words and I meant every one of them.

I still maintain that she is a brat. Teenager or not, she is a brat and that behaviour is never addressed and there are no repercussions because of them.

She still changes herself completely. Physically alters herself to get something she wants. There was one comment that suggested that I could think of Ariel as transgender (or trans-species) and perhaps she never fit into the body she was born with. I’ll say that is something I never considered, and perhaps could accept that, if this movie wasn’t made in 1989, and issues such as transgender, and gender identity were rarely, if ever, talked about in a good light. However, I give it to that commenter for having that perspective.

She gives up a part of herself so easily for a boy she doesn’t know. Not okay. Not the message I want to give my girls.

Comment after comment suggested that I need to get a life, stop analyzing a kids’ movie, and blog about something more important. One person even suggested that I should “do something important, or more importantly [spend] time with my kids instead of over analyzing a kids’ movie”. My post was called bullshit, a poor argument, and foolish. One commenter even said that posts like mine showed what was wrong with the world; that I was wrong for speaking so badly about a typical cartoon teenager who was only looking for true love. My favourite comment suggested that I was putting my own hatred into this child’s movie, as my past was not like hers in the film.


That same poster went on to say that I needed to focus my literature into a discussion that can be validated because I was coming across very immature and [overly] analytical.


I am not delusional. And rest assured, I had a wonderful childhood. I get that it’s a kids’ movie, but you have to be kidding yourself to think that little girls are not influenced by what they watch. They think it’s real. My girls walk around thinking that icy blasts will shoot out of their hands and build an ice castle. Or when they put on a purple amulet, or doctor’s stethoscope that they can speak to their stuffed animals. It’s called imagination, and unfortunately they identify with these characters and the stories.

And there were some comments from people who made those points for me as well. One lady said that I gave very clear reasons why I didn’t like this movie, while still acknowledging a good side of it too. Another one argued that children don’t separate reality from fantasy, and it’s up to parents to pose questions and alternative interpretations. A few commenters said that they do not let their daughters watch The Little Mermaid at all or agreed that there was something wrong with Ariel trading her voice for something she wanted.

Look, I am not looking to break my kids’ spirit, crush their dreams, and stifle their imagination or creativity; which is why I don’t project my opinion about The Little Mermaid on them. I buy the merchandise, the costume, the books and the dolls. I let them pretend they are mermaids and then turn into princesses.

Would I prefer if they ran around ready to take on the world, like Merida from Brave? You betcha!

They don’t understand the messages yet, and my post wasn’t to impose it onto them. It was merely my opinion on a fairy tale that I literally ripped apart in a high school English class and have carried with me ever since. It not an obsession, or something I spend a great amount of time on. But as the mother of two girls, it is now in my life again. And when I saw last week, across various social channels, that it was the 25th Anniversary of the movie, I had to write about it.

So thank you to the 985 visitors to my blog and 45 comments to the Facebook post regarding my one opinion. I hope you come back to read about everything else I write about!

In the meantime, I will encourage my girls to pretend to be whatever they want; sometimes it’s a police officer, a principal, a puppy and even a princess. They are three and six years old. Their imagination should have no ceiling, no boundaries and no barriers. They can be whatever they want.

Even a mermaid!


Music Monday: Mom

Country music has had influence on my life; however I wouldn’t put it on my top 5 list of go-to music genres. However my sister-in-law sent me a link (and Music Monday request) for Garth Brooks’ new song Mom, and I have to admit that it’s pretty nice.

This is an emotional song, which is a conversation between God and an unborn child. Brooks himself even choked up during his performance on Good Morning America. It’s a beautiful song, reassuring an unborn child of their worries and fears of being born, and I think it is so lovely and perfect for a dreary and rainy Monday.

Country or not, music is a universal language that tells a story, and this is a beautiful one.

Happy Monday!