Hooked on cuteness

Zebra, adult newsboy hat with bling, owl, Minnie Mouse - all by Hooked On You Hats By Diana Evangelista
Zebra, adult newsboy hat with bling, owl, Minnie Mouse – all by Hooked On You Hats By Diana Evangelista

Everyone loves to get a compliment. And I got not only one, but two today. From complete strangers. Okay…it wasn’t for me exactly. It was for my hat. Yes, I said my hat. And I totally agree. I have the cutest hat. And so do my kids. These aren’t your regular, everyday, run-of-the-mill winter hats. Oh no. These are one-of-a-kind, made with love from my sister-in-law hats. You should see the full array of cuteness she can crochet…and I mean cuteness. (Check her out on Facebook at Hooked On You Hats by Diana Evangelista)

I know, you’re probably thinking I have to say they are cute, but anyone who knows me, knows I only say the stuff I mean. Family or not. The truth of the matter is, I know talent when I see it, and she is tal.en.ted! She gave me a beautiful blanket when I first had out little bird. On the bird’s first Christmas, she got the cutest bunny hat, complete with long ears! Since then, we look forward to the Christmas gifts from my SIL, as we know it’s another adorable hat. The kids have owls and zebras and she even made a Minnie Mouse hat, complete with a little bling for our little mouse’s 2nd birthday last month. I love that my kids love to wear them too. Otherwise I would! And let’s face it, I think I would look a little funny wearing a zebra hat while grocery shopping.

Which brings me back to my hat! She created a masterpiece, complete with the most stunning zipper-flower, and some sparkle, which I had to have!! So she generously whipped one up, and I inevitably get compliments every time I wear it. I’m not going to lie, either…I’m sucking every ounce of winter I can out of this hat, because soon spring will be upon us, and I’ll have to put it away until next year.

And something tells me a crocheted bathing cap won’t look so hot!

Of course, this is just my opinion, but I challenge you to check out her Facebook page and try to tell me you don’t love the sock monkey, the zebra or the newest Hello Kitty creation. I bet you’ll wonder if she makes it in your size too!!

If you think she’s as creative as I do, be sure to send her a like…and tell her I sent you. A little extra sister-in-law love never hurt!

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