The joy of pinning

I love Pinterest. I love scrolling through breathtaking shots of the world, reading inspirational words, drooling over expensive purses, learning how to do an updo or braid my hair in a certain way. It’s a place I turn to for ideas on how to decorate my home when I win the lottery. I’ll need a dream kitchen, and laundry room, right?! And it’s where I look for ecards; those funny sayings that make me laugh out loud.

According to their site, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” It’s exactly like a bulletin board, where you tack up – or pin – your favourite things. In my opinion, they got it right. People love to see nice things.

I am not on it everyday but I do try to escape once a week or so. For me, it’s a window into a world of neat craft rooms, crazy cool playrooms and desserts that I’m sure I’ve gained weight from, just for pinning it.

I find it interesting that corporations have found a place to exist on Pinterest, without making it a hard-sell, in-you-face ad. Pinterest isn’t like Facebook, there is little complaining. If you don’t like an image, you simply don’t pin it.

I often post quote that inspire me and here are a few of my favouite:

  Believe in Wings Quote - PinterestLeo Quote Pinterest

Write Quote - Pinterest


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Happy Friday!  


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