Old & Grey

I just plucked a grey hair out of my head!!!

This isn’t my first grey hair, but it is the one that compelled me to rip it out.

I’ve never done that before. Both due to the fact that I didn’t have many, and the ones that I do have, I hide with permanent colour. I guess that’s a clear sign it’s time for a visit to the salon.

But visit aside I’m a little devastated that I had to do this. I mean, it wasn’t in a place I could tuck away. It appeared directly on the top of my head! It stood directly up and pretty much screamed – LOOK AT ME!

It teased me, telling me that if I yanked it out, three more would grow back.

I decided to take the chance and challenge that old wives’ tale and plucked it out. Take that, grey hair! And let it be a lesson to any others that are lurking. I’ll remove you. I’ll destroy you.


I don’t know why I’m trying to fight a grey hair. I’ll soon be wishing my 30s goodbye. So it’s time to accept the facts. I am getting old.

And yes, I am aware that a lot of people have grey hair at a young age. And some of them, such as Stacy London, even look amazing with those grey hairs she has, however I am not one of those people.

Stacy London & Clinton Kelly, What not to Wear

And while it is inevitable, I’ve decided to book my hair appointment now and at least look good while fighting the good fight!

Do you feel like you’re older than you are? How did you feel when confronted with that defiant grey hair?

4 thoughts on “Old & Grey

  1. Oh I could be writing this post! I have so many greys the kids are now commenting if I leave it to long between salon visits ( changing countries does that to you). I’m 40 this year and I’d rather not look 50 so I’ll keep on dying the little buggers!!
    Great post.

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