Mini me


To say our kids look like us would be an understatement. My husband and I hear all the time how our Little Bird is a mini me and the Little Mouse is a mini him.

It is incredible how that happens.

When the Little Bird was born, the first words out of my mouth was “she has my nose”, but of course I don’t see it when I look at her. And apparently I’m the only one who can’t see it, because even those who see pictures of my kids will say they see the resemblance.

I can see how my little Mouse looks like my husband. They have the same large, dark round eyes. And it baffles my mind how people can say they see a resemblance between the two girls, when they have such different features.

And it doesn’t help that their personalities are the exact opposite of who the look like.

The Little Bird has D’s personality which includes his appreciation for neatness, his tendency to worry about things, his compassion and his love of routine and order. Those are some of the reasons that made me fall in love with him in the first place.

But it is the polar opposite of me.

And the Little Mouse.

For the Little Mouse and I, things don’t necessarily have to be in perfect order, we don’t worry about much, we go with the flow and aren’t afraid to say what we want.

It always makes my husband and I laugh when either of them does something that makes us stop in our tracks. And depending if it’s a good or questionable action, we are usually quick to point out “she gets that from you,” or “she takes after me.”

I love both my kids. I love that they are like us (in some ways). I hope they can learn to lean on one another and play off each other’s strengths and help to balance each other, the way my husband and I balance each other.

I hope maybe one can learn to adapt and go with the flow a little more and the other learns there is a time and place to follow the rules.

No matter what and how, I hope they both leave an impression of those they meet through their words and actions in every aspect of their lives. They make us proud every day, no matter who they take after…

…which both of us would take credit for anyway!

That’s what any parent would do, right?!


Do you have a mini me in your house?



5 responses to “Mini me”

  1. Neither my husband nor myself think our children look like us, others see it, just not us. Though as I watch middle child grow up, it seems she is reliving my own life. It is so weird.


    • I think it’s weird too. There really is only a few pictures that I can see it, but otherwise, I don’t get it. People say the same thing about me and my mom, but that too is a mystery…I think sometimes a similar personality can make you think two people look alike, sort of like an old couple who start looking like each other! 🙂


  2. Everyone tells me my eldest son is the spitting image of me but I just don’t see it?! Whoever my youngest is just like me in personality…hard work but liars of fun lol!


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