Busy days


Last week I went to a parent council meeting and a few of the parents were talking about how it was “one of those days”. We’re all busy, kids are busy with school work, activities, family obligations and yet we still made it in for the meeting.

We always start those meetings with a prayer. When it was read, I found that all the parents were were speaking of how crazy the day was, smiled in the comfort knowing we are all in the same boat and sometimes we just need to stop and remember what’s important.

I’m sorry if you are not religious, but I had to share the prayer, as I found it comforting. I hope you will too.

One of those busy days

I hope you will forgive me Lord
If some days I forget to pray.
It isn’t that I don’t need you
But things just get in my way.

You see when my days are busy
I’m rushing here and there.
At everybody’s beck and call
With not a moment to spare.

I need to spend some time with you
To help me meet life’s demands.
For I couldn’t face the future
Without you holding my hands.

But when I forget to pray Lord
Please forgive my erring ways,
It isn’t that I don’t need you
It’s just one of those busy days.


Wishing you a wonderful, and not so busy day!



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