Pheeyoush! /ˈf(y)ü ü üsh’ Exclamation Expression of relief by a three year old Little Mouse, who thinks she’s saying phew! What a week! As it is every year, the weeks leading up to Christmas are usually booked solid, activities, outings, visits with friends and more. This year, it went something like this; Monday I had … More Pheeyoush!

Must-do vs. want-to

    It feels a little rusty to type the words as they flow from my brain. The words are always there, but the time always isn’t. I have been busy. And that means that unfortunately I have to put aside what I love to do most – writing. It’s the usual suspects; work, school, … More Must-do vs. want-to

Busy days

Last week I went to a parent council meeting and a few of the parents were talking about how it was “one of those days”. We’re all busy, kids are busy with school work, activities, family obligations and yet we still made it in for the meeting. We always start those meetings with a prayer. … More Busy days