Must-do vs. want-to



It feels a little rusty to type the words as they flow from my brain. The words are always there, but the time always isn’t.

I have been busy. And that means that unfortunately I have to put aside what I love to do most – writing. It’s the usual suspects; work, school, kids’ activities. They just all seem heightened, more encompassing at this moment.

I can’t choose what’s the most important, but I have to choose something to let fall back a little.

Work has taken on a frenzy like never before. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the things on my to do list. And while that is always the case, it seems to be a little different at the moment. There is no down-time, no time to think, or strategize or plan. It all seems reactive.

I don’t do well with only being reactive. But I’m trying to get a handle on things.

I’ve enrolled in my final course in order to get my certificate. The catch? It’s a Public Speaking and Presentation course, which means I’m driving to downtown Toronto every week to be in a classroom and put on a presentation. I like the class and I’m already learning a lot.

But the drive is taxing, it’s rained every time I’ve attended this class and there is homework to do, which means more time away from writing.

Swimming has started again for the kids, and they are both doing great! There’s also karate for the Little Bird, which she loves. So add another 3 nights for these activities and I’m down to having one night a week with nothing to do.

That’s the night Grey’s Anatomy is on, yet I’ve seemed to miss the last show and a half!

I am not making excuses; I am actually upset that I haven’t found a slice of time for something so important to me. And I know that there are peaks and valleys for every family, it feels like since last month, the peak is getting higher but I’m not at the top yet.

There is so much to write about too! We took our first family vacation to Disney World (tacked onto the back of a work conference). I was part of my first Blog Ambassador program – and it was a good one! I met one of my husband’s aunts for the first time. The Little Mouse is fully potty trained. The Little Bird is doing wonderful in school this year! And I just celebrated my nine year anniversary.

I’m going to find a way to stop the clock…

Okay, maybe I’ll just try a little harder to find some time to write more.

Please bear with me…I am here, just struggling with balancing it all at the moment.


Do you struggle to do it all? How do you find the time to balance your must-do’s with your want-to’s? I’d love to hear from you.

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