Compilation: God Only Knows

I grew up on the oldies.

Well, that’s what I called the music my parents liked; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and more.

It felt like torture at the time to be locked in a car, on our way to somebody’s house, having to listen to this music, my parents sang together in the front seat. All the while my brother and I wanted nothing more than to hear Michael Jackson or some Culture Club!

My father rarely gave in and changed the channel. We could choose the music when we owned our own car!

Those tunes eventually became part of my life.

I connect those songs to certain memories of my parents. I am grateful for this torture exposure to these great songs from some of the world’s greatest musicians.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this video on Facebook and other social media sites and it made me smile.

Here is what do you get when you make a beautiful video with a Beach Boys’ song, a compilation of artists and a good cause.

Thanks BBC for putting this together. I thorough enjoy watching it.


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