Walk off the earth???

This past weekend we were at my sister-in-law’s house and after the kids had been playing for a while in the basement, we found them all sitting on the couch while GamerBoy was looking up music videos. The Little Mouse was on his right side, the Little Bird on his left and the Paxter dancing around.

We heard them as my girls gave their 10 year old cousin requests, such as Katy Perry, What does the fox say?, and Happy by Pharrell Williams. We noticed that they would stare at the tablet, mesmerized by the music videos they were watching. My girls don’t watch too many music videos, so I thought it was hilarious.

Then more requests came in from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and GamerBoy would look them up, only to be thrown another request. While the Little Bird is becoming more open to listening to the radio and to songs she doesn’t know, both my girls prefer to listen to song that they do. Songs and artists such as those in constant rotation in the car such as the above mentioned Ms. Perry, One Direction and of course, Disney’s Frozen soundtrack (which I’m pretty sure will be the cause of the loss of my husband’s  mind if the obsession doesn’t  end soon).

Then the Paxter started to hum a song, and everyone tried to guess what song it was. I thought I recognized it so I started looking through my emails. (I often email myself songs that I like, so that I have a selection to choose from for my Music Monday posts.)

I was sure I had this one.

I found the email and said Walk off the Earth.

“What!?” was the overzealous reaction from the Paxter.

To say the Paxter is a bit of a comedian would be an understatement. This five year old lost it. He started acting out what it would be like to walk off the earth and in turn my girls started laughing. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get GamerBoy to look it up.

We then needed to figure out which song it was. So first I tried Gang of Rhythm, but that wasn’t it.

More laughing took place and they were still acting out what it would be like to walk off the earth, by pretending that their fingers are people, and they are “walking” off their other hands and into space.

I finally settle on Red Hands which pretty much sends the Paxter over the edge. He turns to me and says, “Red hands? Zia, I once painted my hands with red paint.”

All the kids burst out laughing and even the adults, because they are finding all this so funny.

GamerBoy finally finds the song on the tablet and plays it, and everyone stops for a moment to listen. Then the Paxter speaks, “Nope. That’s not it!” This makes us all laugh again!

So, it may not have been the song stuck inside a 5 year olds mind, however after all that effort, I thought it deserved to be my song of the day!

Happy Monday. If you’re lucky enough to be home on this Easter Monday like my whole family is, enjoy it. If you’re stuck at work like I am, I hope it flies by for you! Either way, enjoy your day.


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