Happy 6th Birthday, my birdie!

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My precious girl! My Little Bird!

Today, she is 6. She’s a big girl, with big dreams.

She knows what she likes (and what she doesn’t). She has opinions (lots of them) and is loud like me, but pensive like her father.

She is a girly girl who loves Princesses and dress up and make believe.

She likes vegetables. (really)

She loves to read and is starting to read to us at bedtime. She is creative and can write us notes and cards and keeps a little notebook with all the things she likes.

She is kind and while sometimes finds it hard to share with her little sister, she is loyal and loving (when she wants to be).

She loves her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, her cousins and her friends.

She doesn’t want to move out when she grows up, and has told me on several occasions that she will be living with me after she gets married and has a baby.

She loves jewellery, perfume and is starting to talk about makeup.

She is learning how to swim!! (finally)

She is impatient.

She loves school, her teacher and anything to do with art.

She loves us.


And Mommy and Daddy love you very much and can’t believe what a big girl you are. You are special and kind and loving. We want to wish you a very happy 6th birthday and hope you enjoy every single minute of being the line leader at school and your party tonight.

Make a good wish…because I hope all your dreams come true!


3 responses to “Happy 6th Birthday, my birdie!”

  1. Happy Birthday little Birdie. Love and peace , I hope you have the best birthday EVER !!!!!! Tania she sounds just like her Mum!!! You were the sweetest little girl also.

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