I get jealous!

Music is an escape, especially at the office. We work in an open environment, which is great.

Sure, there is lots of light, because there are low walls, no offices blocking the windows. But if there are a huddle of people, or if somebody is loud, (which I fully admit to being sometimes) it can be disruptive.

So take a walk through our department at any time and almost everyone has a set of headphones or ear buds in their ears listening to music.

It can help to block out other sounds. Help you concentrate.

I know it helps me be more productive at times.

So the other day my colleague sent me a link to this song, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since. My toes have been tapping; I’ve been dancing at my desk and humming it at home!

It’s got a great 70s vibe, with a hook that is sure to sink itself into your brain. It will put you in a good mood, it’s so catchy!

Have a happy Monday!

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